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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Face of Evil

I've been bouncing back and forth between projects and took some time to work on Nagash a little more. This model has been on my desk for five months; at this rate the End Times will be over before I finish him!

Resculpting Nagash's head has been a stumbling block keeping me from making any further progress, but I finally tackled it and gave the big guy a properly proportioned noggin.

The classic metal bone giant head served as the starting point. It is scaled to Nagash's body and just needed its jaws resculpted.



After clipping away the old jaw, I sculpted new teeth. I initially sculpted the mouth closed, but the skull was so bland and expressionless that I cut the mouth apart and reworked it to have an open jaw. I also sculpted a frown to give Nagash appropriately "angry" eye sockets.


The crown portion of the hat required a little widening to fit around the eye sockets. This was accomplished by slicing away some of the plastic above the eyes.


The hat was cut away from the original head, and I widened it with some putty. In this shot, the putty hasn't been smoothed yet; I'm just checking the fit and angle of the hat on Nagash's head.


The putty on the hat was smoothed and allowed to cure, and then I glued it in place and sculpted the bone frame around the base of the hat.


Here you can really see the difference between the original, tiny head and the new head. (Without the mass of the hat to bulk it up, the tiny skull really looks ridiculous.)  I added some plastic card mandible plates on the side of the head. They are scaled up a little, but match the shape and style of the original.


The final steps were to position the head and smooth over the neck join. I broke the putty apart to allow me to paint the head separately. I also attached the hanging strips and sculpted the transition up to where they connect to the hat.


A cabeza fit for a king! The only items left on this model are the books and basing and then I can finally start painting.


'Til next time!


  1. Thats amazing. You should make an conversion kit!

  2. That's fabulous. Such a massive improvement over the silly original.

  3. Awesome sculpting, really brings the model to (un)life!


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