Thursday, December 4, 2014

What's in the Project Queue? (Undead Legions)

As 2014 winds down, I find myself with many unfinished projects in the queue. For my personal projects, I've been focusing on my Vampire Counts. With the Tomb Kings book in hand I can add some Nehekaran undead to the ranks to form a mixed Undead Legion. A few items immediately sprang to mind that would lend themselves to Vampire Counts-themed versions of Tomb Kings selections:




Obviously, Nagash is at the top of the list. He's still in a state of partial assembly. I need to do some sculpting and conversion work before painting him. I definitely want to have him finished by the end of the year.



Skeleton Archers


I've had these old metal skeletons kicking around for the longest time. Back during Storm of Chaos, I'd planned to convert them into crossbowmen, but never got farther than swapping a few arms. They seem perfect for gothic-looking archers, so I'll use some Tomb Kings skeleton parts to arm them them bows. (Another micro-distraction to keep me from working on Nagash!)


Tomb Prince Selketta


Tomb Kings and Princes can confer their Weapon Skill to a unit they are leading, and that's too good a bonus to pass up. I've got a few copies of this Tomb Herald, so I can build one for a Tomb Kings army and convert another to be wearing "traveling clothes" so he won't look out of place in my Vampire Counts army.


Necro Colossus 


The last item is a Warhammer giant. I bought this kit when it was first released. Back then the rules allowed any army to field a giant, but they fell by the wayside in 8th Edition. It's a shame, because there were plenty of converted undead giants out there. It seems that a zombie giant would be perfect for representing a Necrolith Colossus in a Vampire Counts force.


'Til next time!

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  1. I miss Giants in the current edition as well, but I still play 6th edition sometimes so I get my fill of the awesome giant randomness that can occur. I look forward to the archer conversions and seeing you finish your Nagash! Thanks for the tons of content.