Thursday, October 9, 2014

Horror Unleashed

Recently I got to play catch-up on some of my projects that have been sitting half finished for the past few months or longer.

Halloween Terrain Tutorial

Something I've wanted to do, pretty much since I started this blog, is an undead-themed terrain tutorial taking advantage of all the goodies that become available around Halloween– things like plastic skulls and skeletons.

I'll be posting the tutorial toward the end of the month but I wanted to show the items I'll be using in case you want to build one for yourself. It's hit-or miss with Halloween supplies; you might find some great things on clearance if you wait until after the season, or they might be sold out before Halloween even arrives. If you're lucky enough to have a dedicated Halloween store, it's often a race to get there and pick through the leftovers on clearance before they close shop until the following year.

I got these plastic skulls and a nice rusty metal fence for a few bucks at the local craft stores (specifically: A.C Moore for the skulls, and Michael's for the fence). Stay tuned to see what I do with them!



Hell Pit Abomination

The horror of the Under Empire is unleashed! I hope this will be as much a nightmare for my enemy as it was for me to paint! Again I fell victim to Vallejo's paint being lighter when you paint it on than when it dries. So what looked like beautifully contrasted highlighted and shaded skin when I called it quits for the evening was an even range of mid tones when I looked at it in the morning. After another round of highlights and some controlled, darker washes in the recesses, I got the skin tone where I wanted it. The end result with all the mechanics and warp stone is really satisfying. I'm looking forward to sending this monstrosity into battle.



Screaming Bell

The Screaming Bell is also ready for battle. I made a couple "placeholder" skulls to go where the small censors would normally be hung, and I'm using a regular Grey Seer in lieu of the one to go on top of the bell. Those are the only details remaining before I can call it "finished" but it's to a point where I can put it on the table and match the quality of the rest of my army.

The Plague Furnace components are on hold for a while. The Furnace can only be pushed into battle by a unit of Plague Monks, so I'll need to paint them before I can field it, anyway. But first I've got a few Undead models to finish.



'Til next time!

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  1. Excellent as usual Rob:) Very, very inspiring works.