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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Campaign Update: Casualties and Treachery

Our Players

Justin Cunnane: Chixl's Warhost (Lizardmen)

Jason Pierson: Waaagh Blackfang (Orcs & Goblins)

Louis Mule: The Murderous Legion (Dark Elves) 

Josh Affrime: The Horde of the Scorched Cauldron (Ogre Kingdoms)

Steve Stiefel: The Roving Province of Sigmarheim (Empire)

Rob Hawkins: Skryre Lord Skreekits' Lightning Engineer Cult (Skaven)

The campaign was put on hiatus for a while due to illnesses, work, and life in general. But now we're back up and running. Turns 10 and 11 occurred some time ago, and I've been waiting for turn 11 to resolve before posting an update.

When we left off, The walled city of Malko had been secured by the orcs of Waaagh Blackfang. The Roving Provence of Sigmarheim was cast out of their fortress at the hands of the green tide. The Dark Elves' Murderous Legion were racing back to their headquarters to liberate it from the clutches of Chixl's Warhost. The Horde of the Scorched Cauldron and Skryre Lord Skreekits' Lightning Engineer Cult were tangling in the northern territories. 



For complete coverage on the previous turns, click the Campaign label in the sidebar, or just click here.

Turn 10: The First Casualty

As everyone's orders were submitted and the army banners maneuvered on the map, we saw the Skaven moving to claim more territory in the north. The Skaven banner in the south had surfaced last turn, and now moved in to help the Orcs surround the Empire's headquarters. Since the Skaven Lightning Engineer Cult were allied with the Murderous Legion, the the Skaven banner on the western road sidestepped an Ogre banner on their march to assist the Dark Elves in the recapture of their headquarters. 



In the South, the remaining banner from the Roving Province of Sigmarheim assaulted its headquarters territory. The Orcs had a 400 point advantage in the battle, and Steve's army was massacred. With no headquarters to reform in, the Empire was eliminated from the campaign. Steve opted to keep his banner in play, retreating two territories. The Empire banner could no longer capture territories, or ally with other armies.

Justin's Lizardmen had moved in to try and assist Steve, but they met their own resistance from Jason's Orcs and were also massacred.



Turn 11: Treachery!

The underhanded Skaven struck a bargain with the Horde of the Scorched Cauldron. Betraying their alliance with Waaagh Blackfang, the Lightning Engineer Cult drove southward, invading the Orc lands. The Skaven banner on the river even Razed the territory, meaning the Orcs would need to take time to Recover the lands before it could again be counted toward their overall territory.

My Skaven banner, surrounded by Orcs, was outnumbered by 400 points. Even with those odds, I still managed to squeak out a draw. The key turning point of the battle was when I broke Jay's 50-man unit of Ork Boyz. It was a close fight but, in the end, the draw forced us to both retreat from the territory. My banner, with no friendly territory, was Scattered and reformed back in its headquarters.



The Murderous Legion was unable to recapture its headquarters, and Lou's Dark Elves bowed out of the campaign. The Orcs and Ogres had a minor engagement near the road, which drove off the Ogre banner.


So, at the end of the 11th turn, two armies have been eliminated. As the remaining four players move into turn 12, we will see how the alliances hold up. The Lightning Engineer Cult and Horde of the Scorched Cauldron have an alliance to push southward and overtake the territory of Waaag Blackfang, but the Ogre Kingdoms also have a pact with the Chixl's Warhost. At the same time, the Orcs and Lizardmen also share an alliance. If the Lizardmen are to break out of their corner, they may need to betray someone. Unless they are betrayed first!

'Til next time!

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