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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Arcadia Quest Diorama, Part 5

For this final installment, I've got a few photos of the painting process and a selection of finished images. The terrain gallery has been updated to include the diorama. For the full gallery of images, click here.



All of the elements were painted separately, like the ground and flagstone streets, and the Hammer Fortress.



The University clock tower was sprayed with purple for its basic undercoat...



...and then it was drybrushed with a series of purple-greys.



Once the stonework was finished, all the details like the railings and telescope were added.



The Alchemy District was painted with a blue-green scheme to help differentiate it from the other areas of the diorama.



With everything finished, the lights get turned on...


...and here is the Arcadia Quest diorama in all its glory! 



You can see the full spread of detail shots, including the finished terrain before the miniatures were added, in terrain gallery here. And check out the game itself on the Arcadia Quest website.

'Til next time!


  1. Beautiful work, I can't stop looking at all the details and wished I could see this in reality.


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