Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Spreading Like the Plague

My Skaven army has been mainly Clan Skryre-themed up to this point, but I've always wanted to add some of the Pestilens models. With my Doom Wheel finished and the Hell Pit Abomination underway, I can finally start filling out the plague-ridden ranks of the Under-Empire. So, here's a look at what's in my Skaven project queue:

Hell Pit Abomination

I started this guy a while back, and he's been sitting on the Shelf of Shame for the past few months. While I was working on the Doom Wheel, I painted the accessories for the Abomination. Once I work up the motivation to paint the flesh, the remaining details on its body will be easy.



I replaced the masonry with the remnants of a Warp Lightning Cannon. The parts are left over from the plastic Warp Lighting Cannon kit. The bases for the Doom Wheel, Abomination, and Catapult were all painted together in a single batch. I'm really looking forward to finishing this thing.



 Plagueclaw Catapult

Now we're getting into Clan Pestilens territory. I've spoken at length about how I cannibalized the cannon parts out of this kit for my Doom Wheel. What's left over is the catapult itself. I've made a few modifications, like adding a "slop bucket" and ladder going up to the top deck.



The original bellows operator from the Doom Wheel was swapped with one of the crewmen. Since the machine is mostly wood and metal, I should be able to knock it out pretty quickly.



Plague Monks

I picked up four boxes of Plague Monks, so I'll be able to field two units of 40. In my spare time I've been cleaning the torsos. They're glued to foam core strips, ready for their arms and heads. I need to get these guys painted fast, and I'll show you my process as this project progresses. 



Warlord Spinetail and Skweel Gnawtooth

The Spinetail model will make a nice Pestilens warlord. And I still need to paint up the Skweel Gnawtooth model. I think I might paint him with a green color scheme and use this one with my Pestilens army and keep the converted Skweel with my Skryre army. 



Screaming Bell/ Plague Furnace

When did this kit come out? Well, I finally broke down and bought one. I really dig the Plague Priest that it comes with. Looking over the sprues and directions, it looks like it might be pretty easy to build the kit so the parts can be swapped out for use as either the bell or the furnace. When we get there, I'll be sure to show you how I did it.



'Til next time!


  1. Geesh dude, try to save something for the rest of us lol! You make my hobby aspirations look like childish playdoh work :)

  2. Looking forward to seeing it all come together!


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