Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Skaven Player Has Entered the Game

After eight turns of meticulous planning, maneuvering, and tunneling, the Skaven finally have enemy forces in sight! The tunneling banner successfully emerged to support the Orcs in their attack on the Empire headquarters. To the North, the Skaven have engaged the Ogres, and I got my first game of the campaign.



Josh and I met at the shop to throw down. 1100 points of Ogre Kingdoms vs. 1000 points of Skaven. 



I knew that if his army could get into combat with my rats, it would be over. I needed to whittle him down at range. Three Warlock Engineers to spam Warp Lightning, 24 Jezzails, and two units of Clanrats with Ratling Gun weapon teams should do the trick. 



...In theory. I found myself staring down a 12-strong unit of Ogre bulls containing the general and battle flag, an Ironblaster cannon, and a unit of six Leadbelchers. The Ogres had the first turn, and marched flat out across the field. The Leadbelchers and Iron Blaster began chipping away at my troops.

My magic phases were abysmal, with low rolls for the Winds of Magic dice preventing me from getting any spells off. Shooting wasn't much more effective, and the Ogres charged into combat before I knew it.

By the end of turn three it was all over. My trusty Warlock Engineer Skatarat, having been abandoned by the rest of the army, was fleeing the field with the Ogres in hot pursuit. The banner was Scattered, meaning he would have a long walk back to the Skaven headquarters.



Skatarat entered the Underhive, raving about the "Big-Things" to the West. Upon hearing this, Lord Skreekits ordered the immediate acceleration the current engineering projects. In laboratories buried deep below the earth, warpstone glowed, gears turned, bone saws hummed, and monstrous abominations stirred in the darkness...

Skaven runners from the Orc siege of the Empire headquarters were bringing word of the battle. Hopefully The Orc attack would prove more successful.

'Til next time!

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