Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Rivet Wars Diorama: The Blimp

As the final details come together on the Rivet Wars diorama, I paused to take some shots of the painted blimp. Since this is an "attraction" piece, the Rivet Wars logo is stenciled on the side. This was achieved by masking off the areas and spraying with green & white. The rivets and "Eastern Front" outlines were all freehand.

If you missed the construction of the blimp, you can see it in my Oh the Humanity post.

1.5-inch acrylic rods support the blimp over the battlefield.

All that remains is to glue down the troops and illuminate the explosions.

But the Red Baron has just arrived with some air support, so we're not quite finished yet...

'Til next time!


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