Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Necromunda Building

One of the commissions I've been working on is this piece of Necromunda Terrain. The client wanted an open building with a few floors and working lights. I designed it with a landing pad on top, like a taxi station or cargo drop point.

The construction is foam core, with styrene trim and details. Here you can see the building's framework with some of my Templars for scale.

L-strips, punched with rivets from my trusty sewing punch, frame out the corners.

Styrene ladders and railings were added. (Safery first, this isn't the Death Star!)

The back of the building received a similar treatment.

I-beams were added to help support the roof.

On the sides are working doors, with walkway attachments.

Because the attachment points for the walkways are so narrow, they are magnetized to prevent the walkway from slipping off during gameplay.

The attachment points are also hinged to allow the walkways to connect to levels that might be a little higher or lower on adjoining buildings.

There are points for other walkways to attach, indicated by the caution strips on each level.

The landing pad was tricky because I needed to fit flashing landing lights into it.

The lights are 5mm LEDs. The housings are made from a section of tube, cut into a ring and placed over a hole-punched piece of styrene. 

The bulbs come up through the landing pad and their wiring is run through the piping on the ceiling below.

The lights are powered by 9-volt batteries, housed in these "generators" on the exterior.

The light switches are disguised in the door control panels.

There are a lot more detail shots of this building in my terrain gallery. Check 'em out!

'Til next time!


  1. Wow, fantastic. I love the details, especially the light switch in the control panel.

  2. Awesome work, as always! I like how you hid the lightning components. :)

  3. Incredible. The lights and disguised wiring , batteries and switch are genius.

  4. The detail and thought put to the concealment of ugly meachanical parts is just stunning.

  5. Absolutely stunning!!! How did you manage to paint the inside of the building so crisp and clean? Are the floors removable?

    1. Thanks! The walls and floors were all painted separately, then glued together.

  6. Amazing! What are all of the details made of? Is it plasticard? Thanks.

    1. Yeah, it's styrene (plastic) sheets, strips, rods, tubes, ladders, and such. Thanks!