Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Iron Kingdoms RPG Conversions (Gobbers)

No Quarter Magazine #47 has been on the shelves for a few weeks, and it features part three in the IK RPG conversion series. This one shows how to convert Warmachine and Hordes models into a variety of Gobber character archetypes. Here's the finished models and parts lists. Check out No Quarter for the step-by-step tutorials.

Gobber Field Mechanik/ Soldier

The gobber from the Cygnar Field Mechanik unit was a pretty easy conversion. It's just an arm swap for the Trencher Commando's weapon hand. The arm itself is brass wire, with putty sculpted overtop. The gun hand also needed a little work to beef it up to match the scale of his other hand. The tricorn hat is made from putty, and replaces the model's original, floppy hat.

Parts List:

Field Mechanik Goblin Bodger #2 

Trencher Commando Grunt #3 Left Arm (Gun) 

Mk 2 Trenchers Backpack

Gobber Duelist/ Cutthroat

This guy's not a gobber at all, but a dwarf. Sculpted on the Rhulic IK model Maulgrun Boldridge, this conversion is a simple arm and head swap The main sculpting is on the sleeve, hand, and scarf. The dueling sword came from a Legion of Everblight Hex Hunter.

Parts List:

Maulgrun Boldridge Body 

Hex Hunters Grunt #3 Sword 

Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew Gunner Head

Gobber Alchemist/ Thief

This last guy is my favorite, and I wasn't sure if I'd be able to pull off the conversion. The body is the IK model Gajun Vasco, with his limbs cut away and replaced with wire armatures and resculpted. I imagined this guy as a mini Gorman Di Wolfe, throwing open his cloak to reveal an array of knives and alchemical grenades. The gas mask is inspired by Puck's mask from the Bodgers line. If this conversion didn't work, my fallback idea for the Alchemist/ Thief would have been to use Reinholdt as the base model.

Parts List:

Gajan Vasco 

Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew Gunner Head 

Durgen Madhammer Grenades

'Til next time!


  1. Amazing Sculpt-Work. Would have loved to see something like that Step-by-step.

    Thousands of questions:

    1) What putty did you use ?
    2) Ratio of mixing ?
    3) What tools do you use ?
    4) How do you moisten the tools ?
    5) Do you moisten the putty ?
    6) Did you let the putty rest after mixing it, before using it to sculpt ?
    7) Did you sculpt tiny substeps or every part in one go ?
    8) What tool did you use to stamp the gas mask details ?

    Ok... Eight. Not thousands. But there are more, where those come from ;)



    1. Thanks Drache! Answers:

      1) What putty did you use? Formula P3 Modeling Putty on these. I also use Brown stuff a lot.

      2) Ratio of mixing? 50/50.

      3) What tools do you use? A flat sculpting "blade," a pointer, and a rubber clay shaper.

      4) How do you moisten the tools? A small amount of Chapstick keeps them from sticking to the putty.

      5) Do you moisten the putty? No.

      6) Did you let the putty rest after mixing it, before using it to sculpt? No, if you do that it'll start to harden and be more difficult to work with.

      7) Did you sculpt tiny substeps or every part in one go? I sculpt in sections and let them cure before moving on. A heat lamp speeds up the curing, but you need to be careful if plastic parts (even bases) re involved; they'll melt and warp.

      8) What tool did you use to stamp the gas mask details? Pointer for the holes in the front, and a mechanical pencil with the lead removed for the rivets.

  2. I re-read the article... will get the No-Quarter now -.-

  3. Truly inspiring, great conversions with awesome paint jobs to finish them. Now to look through the rest of your blog!

  4. Okay... do you accept requests/commissions? These look super cool, and I would love to have something like this!

    1. Thanks! I do accept commissions for model conversions, painting and terrain. I'm pretty backlogged at the moment, but if you want to drop me a line I can be reached at: robhawkinsart@gmail.com


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