Wednesday, January 16, 2013

WWX Terrain: A Look Inside, Part 1

There are only 16 days until the Wild West Exodus Kickstarter goes live. Definitely looking forward to this game!

I'm in the process of adding new pictures of the table and buildings to my terrain gallery. This week, I'll go into some of the details of how the terrain was made. 

Table Layout

The initial plan was to have each building plug into the table, but as the project progressed, I found that to be too limiting. It would have locked the table into a static layout, leaving open holes if any buildings were left off. Instead, I went with an open table with rocky mesas on the ends and a few fixed platforms. Elements like the train station, small house, and gallows were magnetized to the base, but left removable.

The mesas were formed by layering pink insulation foam and using a snap-off knife to make multiple horizontal cuts into the surface. When picked apart, these formed a stepped rockface. 

The sand and rocks were basecoated with latex paint, a color similar to P3 Bloodstone. Then the rocks were stained with brown inks and washes to fill in the recesses, and everything was drybrushed up with colors similar to P3 Moldy Ochre, and GW Bleached Bone.

Woodland Scenics tree armatures were cut up to use as dead trees.

I kept the static grass to a minimum, and added a few scrub bushes using clump foliage. The grass and bushes were drybrushed with a little P3 'Jack Bone.

For the railroad tracks, I built a master track section, and resin cast copies. These pieces were fit end-to-end across the board, and styrene T-beams were laid overtop for the rails.

There are more images of the table in the terrain gallery. Check 'em out! Next week, I'll show off the building interiors, and talk about their construction.

'Til next time!


  1. The colors of the table really give an awesome feeling to the board. It feels so real. Nice!

  2. Well done! It is time for BRAVESTAR! ;-)

  3. I've seen mention that WWX is 35mm and the woes of a new scale. I was wondering if they are any bigger than Warmachine or Malyfaux minis (which say they are 28mm but we all know are much taller) and did you have to change the size of stuff much to match?

    1. I was given the measurements for the WWX figs, but I didn't have any on hand for reference. I was actually using a Malifaux model for scaling because it was very close to the 35mm size. The buildings aren't really much bigger than what I would build for a "normal" 28-30mm game. Maybe a little beefier to make sure bases are properly accommodated inside.

      It's not like we're talking 54mm Inquisitor scale, where the scenery is going to be way off and need to be replaced entirely.