Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What's In the Project Queue? (Oct 2012)

My wife and I just completed the move to our new place, and my studio is finally unpacked and set up.

I've got more floor space, and I think I'll get some lumber to make a permanent worktable to go in the center of the room for those large terrain projects and (on the off chance that I ever find time to play again) to serve as a game table. Haven't had this much open wall space in a while. Got to get some posters up there...

New Facebook Page

For those of you who follow me on Facebook (or are thinking of it), I'm starting a Rob Hawkins Hobby Blog fan page: 

The Rob Hawkins Hobby Blog on Facebook.

I hope you'll follow me there. I'd also like to get this blog on a more consistent schedule. I've been putting up a post every week, but it would be nice to have a regular day for blog posts. The Facebook page will be useful for little updates and random discussion, and then have the major content here once a week.

The Project Queue

In addition to my freelance and commission projects (which can't be discussed until after they're finished) I'm using this move as an opportunity to reorganize my personal projects and set some goals for the rapidly approaching end of the year.

The Legion of the Infernal Skull

I've been giving a lot of attention to the martial aspects of the army– The Blood Dragon vampires and their legions of Grave Guard, Black Knights, and regimented skeletons. There are quite a few projects brewing that will give more attention to the feral side of my army– Dire wolves, ghouls, and all manner of monstrosities whose names utilize the prefix 'var,' the suffix 'gheist,' or a combination of the two. I've been promising a tutorial on my Dire Wolves pretty much since I began this blog, so they're at the top of my to-do list. The Terrorgheist came with a Ghoul King that's so awesome in combat, it's just itching to be the next incarnation of Marduk the Wolf.

Skryre Lord Skreekits' Lightning Engineer Cult

My Skaven army is the only one without dozens of half-finished projects lying around. Those unfinished Globadier models are starting to tarnish that record, so I really need to finish them off. Shouldn't take more than a quick afternoon or two of painting.

Black Templars: Axalon Crusade

I've put off painting my Space Hulk set for far too long (like a year, to be precise). Those Blood Angels Terminators are going to get Templarized to fit with my army and while I'm at it I'll work on the Space Marines from the DarkVengeance starter set.


I'll finally put the Garden of Morr to rest (get it?) and finish off a few cityfight pieces. I've got a lot of resin sets and kit-bashed rubble piles on the painting block. From there I'll start tackling my plans for more ruined buildings. They'll be useful for 40K and I'm considering getting into Infinity. From what I understand, it requires a lot of urban terrain.

So, the goal is to put a significant dent in all of these projects by the end of the year and, in the process, work in some bits and bobs that could turn into sellable products for next year. 

'Til next time!


  1. I can confidently say Infinity is the best game I have every played Rob. It does have a relatively steep learning curve but I think you will probably like that.

    As for terrain, it's best to plan for no gaps over 4" between pieces with a few longer channels and smallish open spaces. If you plan on doing roads and the like be sure to either have Jersey Barriers or vehicles to break up the open space.

    As a bit of a challenge for you, I am working on some functioning elevators. Why don't you have a crack at one.


  2. You will not regret getting into Infinity. Most cinimatic fluid game out there. Epically fun. Period. Done.

  3. Infinity's a fantastic game! But ruins and terrain which is "holey" won't help you much... Some is okay, but what you really want is lots of LOS-blocking terrain with lots of scatter terrain pieces too.

    The reason is that the game is *lethal* and the "fun" aspect quickly goes downhill when your models can be seen by more than two/three enemy troops every time they activate.

    Also, you need enough terrain to cover a 4' x 4' board, with gaps no bigger than 8" between the pieces (and I'd suggest not much smaller than 4").

    If you have any doubts, just ask on the official Infinity boards - people there are usually very helpful, and for the amount of terrain required it's worth getting it right first time around! (Oh, and that will also help your initial impression of Infinity when you play to be the best possible... Hopefully!). ;0)