Saturday, April 7, 2012

Swarm Update and a Poll

The swarms are coming along slowly but surely. Turns out it was only 41 bats, but every one of their pointy metal wing tips must have poked me about 100 times while I cleaned the mold lines and painstakingly pinned each bat together. These little "bat trees" will peg into the top of the tombstones on the swarm bases. I'm really satisfied with the way these are turning out, and I'm getting excited to see what they will look like finished.

It was perfect priming weather today, so I sprayed all of the stands. Each one is pinned into a dowel which serves as a painting handle. I'm hoping to knock them all out today as I catch up on GI Joe: Renegades on Netflix.

The Varghulf's base has been assembled. As with the swarm bases, I modeled skeletons rising from the graves, and used a combination of tombstones from different plastic and resin kits.


Once I finish off this batch of bats, I'll be painting up my dire wolf conversions and doing a piece on my skeletons and banners, but I'd like to know what all of you are interested in seeing next. As I mentioned at the outset of this blog, I've got a ton of models and armies for different games (and even more projects-in-waiting). So, in an effort to keep this from becoming the "Vampire Counts show" I've added a poll over on the sidebar to see what everyone is interested in. Feel free to make other suggestions in the comments section as well.

I'll leave the poll up through April as I finish off these other projects, and we'll see where we go from there!

"Til next time!


  1. Those bat swarms look awesome Mr Hawkins!


  2. You play Guild?

    Figures. Play a manly faction like the Arcanists or Outcasts. Or even Neverborn. Guild is so full of fail.

    (Pretty awesome that you are playing Malifaux too. Glad to see that)

    1. I went with Guild because they had the most (consistently) nice models across the range, and I like the theme of the faction. To be honest, I haven't played a game yet, so I don't know how any factions play (and then they updated the rules, so my book and cards are probably out of date anyway).

  3. Hey Rob,

    Pictures of your LotR models are in your banner at the top, but they aren't listed as an option. I know the game may be dead, but as a huge fan of the models and the books/films, I'd love to see more of your LotR armies and Heroes.

    1. Ah, I forgot to add them to the list (shows how much I play)!


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