Monday, January 16, 2012

Army Galleries and New Toys

The blog’s header is a sort of “general’s lineup” from my main armies. My plan is to give each army and faction it’s own gallery page. I’ve already dropped a few images into the galleries and I’ll be adding more as time goes by. Check ‘em out! 

I also started a twitter account to use for update announcements. Click the follow me button below. And I promise, there will be no ‘I just ate a sammich at my favorite restaurant’ tweets!

Now on to the fun stuff:

Since the new Vampire Counts models (which look awesome, by the way!) just hit the stores, that’s going to be my main modeling focus for a while. I’ve been eating, sleeping, and breathing Warmachine for the past four years, so it’ll be a nice change of pace to get back to my oldest and dearest army. (I'll still continue to update the other army galleries, though.)

Today I picked up the Vampire Counts army book and a new, plastic Wight King. After a quick read through the bestiary and army list, it appears that aside from a slight adjustment in points and the odd rules tweak, all the existing units are still intact, which is a relief. The main change to the army seems to be the addition of the new units and monsters.

I’m really looking forward to building a few of these Wight Kings. It’s a fantastic model and while it only has one “standard” build, the parts are layered in such a way that converting the miniature will be a snap, allowing all your Wight Kings to each have a unique appearance.

But before I get to him, I'll need to finish off that 40-man Grave Guard unit. I spent most of the weekend working on them and they are nearly finished. Here’s a peek at one of the completed models. I use a flaming skull motif on all of my wights, and it has become the defining trait of my army, but that's something I'll cover in an upcoming post...

'Til next time! 


  1. Darn, I want those Sammich-tweets!

    Really cool skull-army.
    But, aren't flames yellow in the middle and red at the top? Perhaps that not as visually good, though.

    Nice work. Have added this to my bookmarks.

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Tomas! Personally, I've never been a fan of flames that highlight up to red or black. Naked fire is mostly orange & yellow, so dark flame tips always appear odd to me if there's no smoke modeled.

    I use a quick drybrushing technique going from orange to yellow and it works to separate the elements of skull & flame. Bleached Bone next to yellow wouldn't create as much contrast in my opinion. My newest models also have a little Brown Ink around the base for a more charred effect on the top of the skull.

  3. A Big Hello from your newest member.

    I recently came across your blog and just started to follow you, as I think it's great, so we might have a couple of things in common as I too have a hobby blog you might like to follow to at


    So feel free to drop me a comment and hopefully become a member, keep up the good work. And hopefully I'll hear from you soon.

    1. Welcome aboard! You've got a great blog, UniteAllAction! I really like the Ork conversions and the Grey Knight Terminators in your latest post are beautifully painted! Great stuff and definitely following you!

  4. These toys are so many that they are look like in the movie that two groups are fighting in the battlefield. This fight will be a good and bloody fight.