Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tomb Prince Selketta

It's been a while since I painted any undead models, so I took a moment to finish Selketta. Last year I showed the process for which I converted the model for use in my Undead Legions army. You can see that post here.



Painting the model was straightforward– The red and gold solor scheme of my Tomb Kings force is carried through on the miniature, with a black, fur-topped cloak to cover him up as he travels the lands of the Vampire Counts.


That's two of the projects in my Undead Legions queue out of the way! (Skeleton archers being the first.) One of these days I'll finish Nagash and convert my giant into a Necro Colossus.

'Til next time!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spreading the Disease

As my Skaven legion expands its Under-Empire, Clan Skryre and Clan Pestilens have joined forces. To lead the sea of plague monks that has been steadily growing around Warlord Skabsis, I've put together two plague priests: Skrolulous and Snagglecyst.



Plague Priest Skrolulous is converted from the classic screaming bell grey seer. The head and hands were removed, and replaces with parts from the plastic plague monk kit. I gave Scrolulous the warpstone-topped staff from the plague furnace priest and mounted him atop the rock from the Island of Blood Skaven warlord.


Plague Priest Snagglecyst is from the plague furnace. The only real conversion work on him is the flail, which is constructed out of flail parts taken from old plastic skeleton kit and chains from some spare plague monk banner tops. I decided to arm both of the priests with flails for that extra punch when they find themselves in combat.


'Til next time!