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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Dreadfleet: Shadewtaith and the Flaming Scimitar

Two more ships down! The Shadewraith definitely takes the award for quickest ship to paint. A few weeks back, I spoke about it's sub-assembly and spraying it with a grey undercoat and white top spray. Then, it was just a matter of applying multiple washes and shades into the recesses and picking out a few details. The entire ship only took an evening to finish.








The Flaming Scimitar, on the other hand, took a little longer. First, I finished the hull and tower with the elementals.



The masts were painted separately. (Those are the Heldenhammer's masts on the right; stay tuned.)


The sails took the most work. I primed them white and sprayed them with a cream color. Then some lighter drybrushing brought up the color to white in the center and on the edges, and a shadow color was painted into the folds at the corners.


Next I had to paint the icons very carefully to avoid marring the white background. They came out pretty good, and I particularly like the air, fire, and water theme on the rear sail. I just with it was visible on the assembled ship; once the sails are in place, they practically touch each other and the rear sail is mostly obscured.







With the completion of these two ships, my Dreadfleet set is nearly finished.


Only the two command ships remain, the Heldenhammer and Bloody Reaver, along with the smaller auxiliary boats.

'Til next time!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Skull Forge Scenics: Graveyard Entrance

My newest product from Skull Forge Scenics is now for sale in my online shop.


The graveyard entrance connects with my other wall sections to allow more variety in your terrain setup. Here's a full display with all the walls, shrines, and tombstones that are currently available:


When designing the entrance walls, I made the decorative embellishments separate parts for anyone who doesn't like skulls all over everything, so the walls can be used for "normal" settings as well as gothic undead landscapes.


Sculpting the Walls

Some people have asked me about the materials I'm sculpting with, so here's a look behind the scenes. The stones are sculpted with Aves® Apoxie Sculpt. It's a two-part epoxy putty that cures rock-hard.



Any deep gaps between the stones are filled with Brown Stuff modeling putty.


All of the graveyard walls are designed to look old and weathered, with stones that are shifting out of place. The stones on one tower are cracked and separating.



The top stones are sculpted using layered PVC card and styrene plastic. The PVC is soft enough to press rough stone texture into it and "draw" cracks with a sharp tool.


Each of the embellishments are also made with a combination of PVC and styrene, with sculpted details and bits from my tombstone set and skull pack.


To fit them on the walls, I covered the backs with putty and pressed them into the stone texture. The result is a perfect fit that maintains the stone texture underneath, allowing the wall to be built with or without the embellishments.


Check out everything I have in my Skull Forge Scenics shop, which now ships worldwide.





'Til next time!