Thursday, October 3, 2019

Wargame Hobby Bingo, 3rd Quarter Update

I scored a Bingo this quarter, but I'm starting to fall behind on my quest to finish the entire card...



To stay on track, I need to fill in two squares each month. Here's what I got in July, August, and September:

Scratch Build a Piece of Scenery

I built a few orruk huts and donated them to the local shop for the Age of Sigmar campaign that I am running. I knocked them out super quick over two days. The huts were made from 2-inch thick insulation foam, cut into circles with a hot wire cutter. The base was then notched all the way around with the hot wire to create the appearance of a wall made of vertical logs and sticks. Window recesses were cut into it with a hobby knife, as was the door. Those recesses were then coated with Liquid Nails so I could super glue pieces to them later.

The roofs were cut slightly larger so they would overhang the walls. After cutting them into a roughly domed shape, I pressed the hot wire into them to make a thatched texture. All the foam was coated with wood glue and left to dry overnight.



I made the doors and window frames out of basswood strips and popsicle sticks. The curtains were made from Skaven Plague Monk banners, and the doorknobs were made from hooks taken from one of the 40K vehicle sprues. The huts were then affixed to a piece of card for the base, and everything was painted with earth tones.





Convert a Model Into a Totally Different Unit or Character

My Necron Flayed ones check this box. They are Necron Warriors, re-posed, covered with sculpted skin, and armed with custom claws. You can see progress shots in my Necron Flayed Ones Conversion post.







Make a Modeled Gameboard With Integrated Terrain At Least 2' x 2'

The Subway that I made for the Marvel Crisis Protocol game is 3' x 3', so that counts, right? 



Paint a Model in a Color Scheme You Don't Normally Use

I don't know that I've ever painted a model with purple as its primary color– no, wait... My sewer tentacles from the Necromunda set were painted purple...



Aside from that, maybe I painted some purple Dark Elves way back when I worked at GW? So, the Purple Sun was the perfect opportunity to get out of my comfort zone of black, red, and shadow grey.




Paint All the Models in a Faction Starter Box

I was struggling with this one because there aren't any faction boxes that I need for any of my armies. I dug into my backlog and found the Malifaux faction sets that I've had kicking around for years, and painted two starter boxes worth of models:






That leaves seven squares. If I want to finish the whole card by the end of the year, my personal projects are going to have to be focused around the Hobby Bingo card. I was hoping to participate in Armies on Parade, but I won't have time to finish a display board (I might not even finish my queue of Nighthaunt models because they won't check any boxes.) Here's my plan to fill in the remaining squares:

Incorporate a Technique You Haven't Mastered

This one is nearly done, I just wasn't able to finish in time for this post. I'm painting the Quicksilver Swords endless spell like molten, red-hot steel. (I've been posting daily progress pictures on Twitter.)

Paint a New Version of an Old Character

This one is also in the queue; I'm converting my mounted Knight of Shrouds to be a new version of my Wraith Korak the Grim. The parts are all cleaned, I just need to start cutting and gluing.

Paint a Unit and Add Scenic Bases

This can be anything, really, but I've been holding out to use my Skull Forge Scenics industrial bases on a unit of Primaris marines. I'm just waiting for GW to release the Imperial Fists Primaris accessory sprue so I can finish building my units properly. (Here's hoping they get it out this year.)


Make a Simple 4' x 4' Battlefield

I'll probably finish off a few more of the blank boards from the shop for this one.

Paint All the Models in a Board Game and Play It

Not sure about this one. My Blood Bowl set is still untouched, but that's too many models. I might have to break down and pick up one of the smaller GW "bookstore" games. And the models can probably fit into my Nighthaunt army afterward. (If Gorechosen was still available, that would be the one.)

Paint a Monster

I had hoped that the Ossiarch Bone Reapers would have a monster that I'd want to paint, but nope. I'm full up on monsters for my undead, so maybe I'll have to break down and get a Vermin Lord. I've got an Aleguzzler Gargant (also known as "a giant") that I've been meaning to convert into an undead giant, but that conversion will take too long and time is against me.

Make a Diorama

Not sure about this, but whatever I make, it will have to be small. We'll see how things shape up.

'Til next time!


  1. Good luck completing the card.

  2. Good work. Good luck completing the card.

  3. The Flayed Ones are probably the objectively most impressive, but those Huts look absolutely fantastic for how simple the concept and base structure is.

    Best of luck! Not much low-hanging fruit left on there.

    Space Marine Adventures is probably the easiest option for "Paint a board game and play it", but Combat Arena or Dreadfane would be more interesting, and probably more usable in other contexts.


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