Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Brother Omnio, Space Hulk Terminator

Brother Omnio is finished ahead of schedule:


I knocked this guy out pretty quickly since he didn't have any hanging Blood Angels icons that needed to be replaced.


Most of the sculpting went into the shoulder pad and adding his name banner on his back.


Omnio is another model with flattened-out detail on the inside of his legs. That sculpted purity seal covers the wonky lines on the back of his grieve. 



Here are some of the detail shots. I really like his slide-out sensor array. It would have been neat if Omnio had a special rule in the game, but I guess all the terminators have those sensors; they're probably how the Space Marine player sees the "blips" of approaching Genestealers on the map.


Only five Terminators remaining! I'm definitely going to work on the two sergeants next and try to get them finished together. I'm debating whether or not to replace their exposed heads with helmets. I try to not have any bare headed Space Marines in my army (apart from scouts). But cutting away the head and replacing it with a helmet from another "regular" terminator (which would then be missing a head of his own) might be more trouble than it's worth.

In other news– I've been working on getting my Skaven Stormfiends painted. I had hoped to have them completed and photographed by the end of June but, as I'm only just finishing up their skin, that seems unlikely. They should be ready soon, though. There's also my impending freak-out over the Age of Sigmar to look forward to, but I'm going to wait until I have White Dwarf 75 and the rules (plus that free Stormclad Eternal model) in hand and I see what happens with the "warscroll" rules for existing models before I go full Jack Torrance.

'Til next time!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Brother Deino, Space Hulk Terminator

This guy officially puts me back on track to finish one of these per month. Brother Deino and the C.A.T. officially mark the halfway point through the Space Hulk Terminators.



There's not a whole lot of resculpting on Deino. Most of it went into the robe. There was a little stress damage (you can see it in the photo above) and I cut away some of the fill behind the bullets on his belt. I didn't bother trying to sculpt crosses behind the skull and laurel, opting to paint the cross instead.


Something I'm noticing on these terminators is that, since they are mostly a single-piece body, there are some areas where the detail stretches or flattens out to avoid undercuts in the plastic mold. These are mostly under the arms and between the legs. On Deino, I extended the fold of his robe in the back to cover the flattened-out leg detail. The edging on the bottom of the grieves also changes depending on the angle of the leg. On a few of these I've had to thicken up the edging to match the opposite side where it was stretched to accommodate the mold. (It was easier to add material to the thinner side to match the thickness of the other edging, rather than carve down the plastic to match the "correct" side.)


I added a banner for his name on the power fist. I like the idea of keeping track of who is who, even though the game scenarios just identify the marines as "terminator with storm bolter and power fist." I think after all is said and done, Claudio will be the only one without a name plate. But he's easy to remember. "Claw-dio." Because he's got lightning claws! Get it?! I'll be here all week, don't forget to tip your servitors.



The C.A.T. (Cyber-Altered Task unit) was a fun little bit to work on. If you're unfamiliar with Space Hulk, it rolls around in one of the scenarios and needs to be retrieved by the marines.


Reaching into the bag for next month's Terminator... and it's Brother Omnio! I can't believe I haven't drawn either of the sergeants yet. Maybe I'll have to paint one of them anyway so I can at least play the game, considering the scenarios require at least one (if not both) of the sergeants.


'Til next time!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Brother Leon, Space Hulk Terminator

I just looked over at the number of Facebook subscribers, and it's up to exactly 700! Thanks for following along, everyone! Don't forget to subscribe to the blog page itself and twitter as well!

The next Space Hulk Terminator is finished. This one probably required the least amount of resculpting. It's mostly replacing the little blood drops with skulls. The medallions and hanging icons needed the most work. Those were replaced with a metal Inquisitor bit and a plastic terminator crux.



So, I present: Brother Leon!


Next up, is Brother Deino. I threw the C.A.T. in with him, so I'll knock that out too.


Something else I'm considering is the Terminator Librarian, since I'm bound to draw him at some point. I obviously can't paint him in Black Templar Colors, so I'm going with the Templars' father chapter, the Imperial Fists. The question is: Should I paint his armor blue with yellow "chapter" shoulder pads, or would it be appropriate to paint his armor all yellow? Do librarians always have blue armor?

'Til next time!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Space Hulk Terminator Trio

I'm Baaack!

I just returned from a trip with my wife to Japan and the Philippines. We saw a lot of cool sites and had a blast visiting with her family.
In a hobby-related note, we happened across a GW store near our hotel in Tokyo. They were closed, but had a nicely painted display of miniatures in the window. I think GW Japan is also on the "only one employee ever" business model. Looking at the store hours, it appears they are open four days a week, for around 7 hours a day. That sounds like enough hours for a single person to cover.



And even though Japan is decades ahead of the rest of the world (in like, everything) I didn't see any indication that the shop had any information about Warhammer 9th Edition.

But now the the Age of Sigmar is about a month away. Rumors have it as a Space Hulk-style dungeon crawl board game. Perhaps the End Times culminate in the return of Sigmar (was he the figure floating through the void?) and he creates the New World from the ruin of the Old, and this new Age of Sigmar is the full-blown 9th Edition... Whatever, we'll all know in a month. Maybe.

Space Hulk Terminators

It's been three weeks since I've even touched a model, so the first order of business is to get my 2015 Terminator project back on track. These three only bring me up to date for April, so I've still got some catching up to do.

Brother Claudio



Brother Zael



Brother Goriel



The Genestealer in Goriel's hand got me thinking about how I'll paint the Tyranids for the game. I think something lighter, perhaps bone-colored with pink fleshy bits might be in order to distinguish them from the darker Black Templars. But at this rate, I'll be lucky if I can get the Terminators finished by the end of the year.

'Til next time!