Thursday, September 26, 2019

Malifaux, Witch Hunters and Death Marshals

I never buy models that I don't intend to paint, even if it takes a few years. I bought two faction starter boxes for Malifaux when it debuted at Gencon in 2009. Ten years later, I have finally painted them...


At the time, I was working for Privateer Press, and a bunch of us picked up the new game to try out. I had chosen The Guild for my faction, and assembled the models, but I don't think I ever got around to actually playing a game, and the models languished in one of my carrying cases for the next decade. Last week, I decided to pull the trigger on these models so I could check the box on my Wargame Hobby Bingo card for painting a faction starter set. I've been working on them bit by bit to maintain my daily #HobbyStreak and posting photos to Twitter. Here are the two faction boxes, completed at last:

The Witch Hunters



Each box contains a crew of five models, the Witch Hunters crew is led by the scheming Sonnia Criid.



Sonnia is accompanied by the tracker Samael Hopkins...



...and a trio of Witchling Stalkers.



The Death Marshals



The Death Marshals are led by the blind Lady Justice.



She is accompanied by the mysterious Judge...



...and three Death Marshals who carry around coffins to imprison their quarry.



I used the same color pallet for all the models, but distinguished the two crews by painting the Witch Hunters with brown robes and coats, and the Death Marshals with black coats.


All the basing was painted to represent desert sand and rocks, with tufts of dead grass. The bases themselves are metal 30mm bases from Privateer Press, with the tops ground down to reduce the amount of "lip," and provide more surface basing area while maintaining the same diameter on the bottom.


This were a fun little project to work on. By keeping the colors simple and relying on liberal use of brown ink washes and Agrax Earthshade, I was able to knock them out in about a week. I think Malifaux is in it's third edition now, and my Guild crew will still probably never see any action. But at least they can reside on a shelf in my display cabinet instead of at the bottom of a figure case in my closet.

'Til next time!


  1. Nice! I've always liked the sculpts for Malifaux but have never played it (and likely never will). Always good to weed out the leadpile!

    1. Some of the detail on these models is so fine it's nearly unpaintable/ unreadable, but the poses are nice and dynamic. I particularly like the Death Marshals.


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