Saturday, August 3, 2019

Necron Gallery Photos

I've finally had time to take some gallery photos of my newly-finished Necron models, including a full army shot:



Here are some detail shots of my converted Flayed Ones. When painting them, I considered applying a GW Contrast paint over the flesh basecoat, but I couldn't justify $8.00 for a pot of paint that I only had one application for and I might not be satisfied with. Instead, I just mixed a traditional wash. The flesh was basecoated with Formula P3 Thrall Flesh, and the wash I applied was Liquitex Burnt Umber Transparant Ink (which I commonly refer to as "brown ink"), mixed with a liberal amount of GW Lahmian Medium. This gave the ink even more transparency, allowing me to shade the flesh without darkening it too much. Once the wash dried, I painted straight brown ink into some of the deeper wrinkles, and along the edges where layers of the flesh overlapped. Basecoating all of the flesh was a little tedious, but the wash stage only took about an hour or so.

These were kit-bashed out of Necron Warriors with sculpted flesh and claws. You can see my conversion progress here: Necron Flayed Ones Conversion






I finished a pair of interchangeable Doomsday Arks/ Ghost Arks earlier this year. Here they are in all their glory:





I kept a project log for the build, which you can see here: Project Log: Doomsday Arks

I was concerned about the way the passengers were fitting in the Ghost Ark (they sat a little crooked), and I was planning to revisit the project to straighten them out. But when I put them in to take these shots, they seemed to fit pretty well, so I'm calling the Ghost Arks officially done.






Finishing these projects has totally cleared my Necron backlog! (Technically, I still have a second Monolith, but I can't imagine ever fielding two of those, so that's staying in the box for a few more years.) I'd still like to add a Triarch Stalker at some point, and maybe some Deathmarks, but those will have to wait while I turn my attention to the newer Age of Sigmar Death factions.

I've added a dedicated Necron gallery page where you can see photos of these and every other unit in my army. It's with the other galleries at the top of the page under the blog header. Here's a direct link: Necrons

'Til next time!


  1. Amazing as ever! Those mummy-style Flayed Ones are a treat.

    1. Thanks! I prefer the original style of Flayed Ones over the current version, so I tried to emulate those.

  2. Great looking army, and you seem well positioned for whenever GW gets around to releasing more.

    1. Thank you! Problem is, if they release new kits, it's almost guaranteed to be replacements for the old Destroyers, Warriors, and Monolith (everything with the green rods)– models I don't need any more of. :/

  3. What a gorgeous collection, truly marvelous!


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