Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Catching Up

I've been neglecting my blog as I finished up a scenery commission for Gencon, but I've maintained my #HobbyStreak by spending at least a 1/2 hour every day working on models. Here's a look at what I've got on my painting table and what's coming...


My drive to paint 100 Pestilens-themed Clanrats is nearly at an end. Only 23 models left to finish. I'll have a post covering the process I used to paint them once they're all finished.

I've finally reached a stopping point on my Necrons. After the Doomsday Arks, I moved on to a unit of Flayed Ones, converted from Necron Warriors. I never took proper "gallery" shots of my Arks, so I'm taking care of that, along with more detail shots of the Flayed Ones, and I'll be adding a Necron gallery at the top of the page alongside my other army galleries.



I've also fixed my Cryptek– His staff was way too long, and wouldn't you know it, it snapped off in my first game with him! I trimmed out the gemstone and the bottom flanges of the staff, and added a shorter green rod. He looks much better.



I've made exactly zero progress on my Nighthaunt queue. (Well, I've finished the bases for the Banshees and Wraith, but that's about it.) I've been focusing on the Necrons and Skaven, and with those coming to a close, maybe I'll have time to dedicate to painting my ghosts. Unless, of course, GW releases the newly rumored Death faction before then...


Something else I'm hoping to finish up this year is all the endless spells from the Malign Sorcery set. I've assembled the Purple Sun. Mine went together with no problems, so I don't know why others complained about gaps and parts not fitting properly. Clean your mold lines and trim your pins, people! The model does have visible seams (not the same as "gaps"), however, which needed to be puttied.


I also changed the attachment points on the bottom. It was bugging me that the bottom spines were pointing straight down, and not properly radiating from the center of the sphere. I re-oriented the three small spines and added a larger support spine in the center.


I modeled the base to look as though the Purple Sun was pushing its way across the ground, churning up the gravestones and bones buried below the surface.



I sprayed the sun and Chronomatic Cogs with black primer, and then added a zenith spray of grey and white from above. I'm planning to use purple washes and drybrushing to paint the Purple Sun.



I've also got the Suffocating Gravetide and Aethervoid Pendulum in progress. I prefer my spells to have flat bases, so I've cut thick styrene plastic card to replace the bases. Even the Gravetide, which had its base molded as part of it. I just need to doctor up their bases to match my Death armies, and these two will be ready for priming and painting.


'Til next time!


  1. 200 clan rats! You are a beast!

    1. Only 100 of these Clanrats. Combined with my 80 older Clanrats, 40 Stormvermin, and 80 Plague Monks, that's 300 Skaven infantry. Yikes! :)


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