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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Wargame Hobby Bingo, 2nd Quarter Update

We're halfway through 2019, so it's time for another check-in on the hobby bingo card progress...


My Necron push continued this quarter, allowing me to check off a few boxes:

Paint a Vehicle

I built and painted two Necron Arks, and converted them so they could swap between the Ghost Ark and Doomsday Ark variants.



Buy and Paint a Model Within 48 Hours

Necrons paint up so fast, finisheing this Cryptek in two days was a breeze. I already broke his staff, though, so he's currently in the regeneration chamber awaiting repair. (Turns out it WAS too long.)



Build and Paint Some Accessories Themed to Match Your Army

Finally, I made this pair of resurrection orbs to accompany my Necron Lords and remind me that they have a once-per-battle item that might help me not lose the game.



I've also been chipping away at my Skaven queue:

Re-paint a Pre-painted Miniature

I had a Warpfire Thrower that was already painted and repainted it to match my own army.



Finish a Model That's Been in Your To-do Pile for More Than a Year

I finished twenty! My Nurgle-themed Clanrats have been sitting on my Shelf of Shame for at least a year waiting for me to finish them, and I finally got around to painting another batch. I currently have ANOTHER twenty underway, and it was such a relief to look at a shelf that used to be COVERED with brown-sprayed Clanrats and only see four strips of models.



Paint a Model For an Army You Don't Already Collect and Play

I don't yet play Star Wars: Legion, so I can count one of the Stormtroopers for that. Not sure if I'm going to collect any more for the army, however. If I do I might never get around to painting my Nighthaunt models.



Model Counts for the Year

The number of models I've finished this year is up to 62. I went through my entire backlog and counted 69 models in progress from previous years. Add to that the 73 models that I've started this year and haven't yet finished (including my Nighthaunt army), and it brings the total number of models in my painting queue to 142. I should probably put together a spreadsheet or something.

'Til next time!


  1. Spreadsheets are the way to go. Not sure I'd catalogue my entire backlog,but I do keep track of my hobby resolutions and have cleared off 365 minis this year.

    1. Right now I've got a rough list in the margins of my bingo scorecard. A spread sheet might tighten it up and make totaling the numbers easier. I've gotten my backlog down to one shelf of primed & half painted models (the Shelf of Shame). I'm not counting models and kits that are still in the box, or the stack of parts in my parts bin (I've got pieces for 15-20 plague censor bearers and more rat ogres, a million skeletons worth of parts) only projects that I've actually started working on.

  2. I've used kanbanflow.com for all my model organization in the past. That way I can keep track of what needs assembled, what is primed, playable, done, etc.

    1. I ended up making a spreadsheet. It's just an excel file with my started projects in one column, and a second column with the model count. Doesn't need to be too detailed as I'm only tracking projects that are in progress.


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