Friday, June 8, 2018

Heavy Metal Thunder

This week I knocked out my squad of Vindicators, finally putting to rest one of the longest running backlogs in my painting queue.


Here is a photo from a 2013 post about my Shelf of Shame™ and a brief update and link to the ones that are finished:

1. Garden of Morr: DONE
2. Hellfire Knights: DONE
3. Mounted Necromancer Toht Nhemisis: DONE
4. Vampire with Hellsteed Mount
5. Mounted Wight King with Battle Standard
6. Vampire with Battle Standard

These three projects will probably linger unfinished forever, since there are no options for them in the current Age of Sigmar Death rules. Maybe I'll drop the banner poles and make the battle standard bearers into a plain old vampire lord on foot and mounted wight king. The models are too nice not to do something with them. Someday...
7. Corpse Cart: DONE
8. Terrorgheist: DONE
9. Vindicators: DONE!
10. Winged Ghouls: These were more of a proof of concept, and I haven't been motivated to work on any Flesh-eater Courts models. I had considered putting three on a "swarm" base and counting them as Crypt Flayers. We'll see how things shape up, but my focus will be turning to the Nighthaunt faction when they debut at the end of the month.  The new models look stellar!

Those old-school vindicators have been getting bumped in the queue since 2004, so it feels good to finally be able to put them on the table. I like the newer Vindicator's giant bulldozer blade, but these classic ones have a lot of charm. They are basically a classic Rhino chassis with metal front, top, rear, and side plates. I think there's more metal on these than plastic, and they weigh a ton!






I painted the rolled up tarps to match the camo cloaks on my scouts:


The naming convention that I use for my Black Templar vehicles is based on the names of angels. I try to select names that sound appropriate for the type of vehicle– Ramiel, Rasiel, Nuriel, and Zaapiel are the angels of thunder, earthquakes, hailstorms, and punishment, respectively.


The tanks also fill in another box on the wargame hobby bingo card, for painting a vehicle. The Scouts I finished a couple months back got the box for finishing a model that's been in your queue for more than a year, and the Star Wars: Legion Hoth battlefield ticked the box for making a modeled board with integrated terrain. I plan to do a mid-year accounting of all the projects next month. I'm mostly on track to getting the entire board filled by the end of the year.


Another project on my table is this techmarine, kitbashed from a classic Blood Angels honor guard command squad techmarine. Once I finish building a servo arm for him, he should keep the tanks running in tip-top shape!


'Til next time!


  1. It’s a satisfying feeling painting something that’s been waiting for so long.

  2. Very nice--love the chunky old Vindicator and looking forward to seeing more of the Techmarine ;)


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