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Saturday, June 2, 2018

The Death Queue: Making Progress

The second edition of Age of Sigmar and a host of new Nighthaunt models is coming this month, so I've been wrapping up some of the projects in my Death queue...

Balewind Vortex

This was a fun little kit to build, basically three pieces– the top the base, and the tornado. I added a few more skulls and some sand to the base, and magnetized the Balewind's parts so I can break it down to transport it.



The most work went into sculpting fire over the tornado, so it would match the "flaming skull" theme of my army. I'm toying with the idea of making a second one themed for a Nighthaunt army, with spirits swirling around the tornado. It will depend on what the rules look like in the new magic supplement and how often it gets conjured up in my games.







I've shown off some photos of this guy on twitter. To contrast with my other terrorgheist, I've mounted him on a piece of Skull Forge Scenics ruined graveyard wall. This model was gifted to me partially built as the zombie dragon, and I spent a lot of time separating the parts and rebuilding him. The trick of putting him in the freezer to weaken the super glue worked like a charm. (By the way, if you have ever left your army case in the trunk of your car during the winter, and then wondered why arms and weapons break off... that's why.)


Working out working out where his wings would go, and magnetizing them was a bit of a challenge because I was removing them from the rocks they normally attach to. I also had to sculpt new sockets for the wing attachments because the shoulder muscles were for the zombie dragon pose, and I couldn't separate those bits. The left wing was pretty straightforward...


...but the right wing needed to be reposed completely so I could rest the hand on the pillar of the wall. I cut away the membrane and separated the elbow, then pinned the upper arm in its new position and used styrene card to recreate the wing membrane.


I sculpted the skin texture over the card, doing my best to match the texture of the rest of the wing. Now the project is on hold until I can track down a base for him.



I have taken these gals as far as I can without heads and hair for them. I've looked at the Witch Aelves and their hair didn't really work. I think I'm just going to buy a Cauldron so I can get the hair I want... if I can ever find them for sale anywhere aver again.






I've got a whole post dedicated to these banshees, with tons of progress pictures, and a backstory for the trio, but that's on hold until I can build heads for them.


Remember these guys?



I've been tempted to work on them so I'll be ready to go when the Nighthaunt battletome drops, but I'm going to hold off until I see the rules. I'm not sure how I'll base the models, and if the Nighthaunt allegiance allies are as restrictive as they were in the 2017 General's Handbook, then I can treat them as a separate army and round-base them. But if they are able to mix-and match with Legions of Nagash units, I might have to put everything on squares so they match. We'll see...

'Til next time!


  1. I think I'd be tempted to do the Balewind Vortex with only one magnet at each end, specifically so that it could spin freely. Or maybe even go all the way and put a little motor in there to swirl it around.

    1. I wasn't convinced that one magnet would be secure enough. The last thing I'd want is the thing to topple while a model is on it.

    2. That is a point I hadn't considered. I have some pretty big and strong magnets, tho. As long as I didn't have a metal model up on top, it would probably be OK.

  2. For the Banshees, the new Nighthaunts seem to be ditching the hair in favor of veils. Maybe doing a partially veiled skull or gaunt face would work?

    1. The veiled banshees seem like they are a specific thing, so I'm not sure I want to represent the "regular" banshees that way.


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