Thursday, June 9, 2016

Dreadfleet: Skabrus (And Other Things)

I've been so busy working on Skull Forge Scenics business and casting that I've totally neglected my own personal projects, Dreadfleet in particular. I think Chris can claim victory in our challenge; his Deathwatch set is complete except for the bases, and he's even been able to play a complete game (the review of which you can see over on his blog.)

I finally put some more paint on my Dreadfleet ships. The Skabrus is ready to set sail. This thing was pretty fun to put together with its interior guts molded on the base and visible through the openings in the hide of the monstrous monkfish.





I have a few other Warhammer-scale Skaven pirate ships (which you can see here) and I would love to build a 28mm-scale version of this. I like the idea of 30 full-sized warp lightning cannons lining the decks of a two-foot long behemoth. (Would it be possible to convert it from an actual monkfish? Imagine slapping that thing on the table and placing models on it! Yuck.)


A face only a mother could love:


Up next, I've got the Curse of Zandri and the Swordfysh underway. They just need a little more washing and drybrushing and then the details need to be picked out. The Swordfysh will also be the first ship with sails.


On the undead front, now that my Mortis Engine is finished, I can turn my attention back to the Morghasts. I've got plans to use my Skull Forge shrines as perches for them. The wings have had all the ethereal bits trimmed off, and I'll need to do a lot of resculpting to repair the missing wing tips. The feet also need to be tweaked a little so they'll stand properly on the shrines.


I think the full shrine might be a little overbearing, so I'll probably go with a partial pour of the mold to create a shrine that's toppled and sunken into the ground.


'Til next time!


  1. The ship looks great and the next look to be coming along well.
    I would definitely go with the partial shrine much better ratio of base and model. Heck take a cast of a couple of partials along with a few flat tombs and you're set for a basing kit to flog.

  2. You were in GW when they were still cool


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