Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Dreadfleet: The Curse of Zandri and Volcano Island

Another ship down! The Curse of Zandri painted up the quickest of all the ships so far. It was a matter of drybrshing the wood, basecoating the gold and then washing the entire thing with brown ink. Next, I hit the gold and brown areas with some controlled drybrushing highlights and painted the obsidian marble with P3 Coal Black and a few lighter lines to represent the marble pattern. This was then washed with GW Nuln Oil. Finally I picked out the red bits and green gem, and once the parts were assembled, the ship was ready for sea.



I wasn't entirely sold on the design of the vessel, and thought it would look more like a floating pile of "stuff" rather than a ship, but the color on it, everything pulls together quite nicely.




I think the creatively named "Volcano Island" is my favorite of the land masses. Reminds me of the board game Fireball Island!




If you've been following the challenge between Chris and me, he just finished his Deathwatch set before I finished my Dreadfleet, so he can handily claim victory. You can check out his models over on his blog. Believe it or not, even with all the progress I've made, I don't even think I'm halfway through my Dreadfleet box yet. I still have six more ships (with all their sails), the three sea monsters, Leviathan Island (that's the one with the giant turtle skeleton), and the measuring cogs. Oh yeah, and all the little auxiliary boats. I had better get cracking or he'll finish his next boxed game before I finish even one.

Coming up, the Seadrake and Swordfysh...

'Til next time!

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