Sunday, May 19, 2024

Arming the Troops with New Scorpion Blades

I was inspired to create some unique scorpion-themed swords for my Skull Forge Scenics range of resin products, and equipped my skeleton archers with them:

I sculpted the swords flat on a piece of card, and once the putty had cured, I flipped them over and sculpted the reverse side. The handles were made from an armature of thin wire, bent at the end to create the scorpion stinger, and then I used putty to sculpt the form over top.


I made a mold of the original sculpts and cast a bunch in resin to make some "master" copies that I added to a runner made from styrene rods.



The swords are available in my Skull Forge Scenics Etsy shop, and in my eBay shop. They are sold in packs of 20, and you can select all long swords, all short swords, or a mix of both.



I've shown how I built these skeleton archers in a previous post. I always felt that they needed a hand weapon of some kind, so now they are equipped with the scorpion swords, tying them into Tomb Prince Selketta's scorpion-themed aesthetic.



Speaking of Selketta, I also replaced the hilt of his hand weapon with the hilt of a scorpion sword:



My Tomb Kings army has been slow-going, since I'm converting and kitbashing every single model. I think it's well worth the effort, though, and does a lot to enhance the 20-year old miniatures. I have a bunch of them primed and sprayed with their base color, and I'm putting together a painting tutorial for the skeleton warriors.



'Til next time!


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