Monday, November 7, 2022

Omentet the Librarian

This conversion has been a long time in the making, but he's finished at last! 




The Scriptor Mortis was the centerpiece of the previous installment of my Resurrection story. Check out these previous posts for a more detailed look at how I converted him:

Tending to the Scriptor Mortis

Library of the Scriptor Mortis

Here's a look at the completed model. In a nutshell, I removed the candles from his base and used the smoke from one of them to have a "blown out" candle on his podium. I removed the third arm holding the lantern, and gave it to one of the library attendants. The final touch was to replace the candle flames with the larger flames from the Chainrasp Horde leader's candelabra staff.



I gave Omentet the option of swapping between the scenic "library" base, and a normal 40mm round base. Since the model is too small to accommodate magnets, I added three pins so he can slot into holes on the two bases. The pin holes on the library are camouflaged by the cracks in the floor, so they are not noticeable if I'm using it as a stand-alone piece of scenery. 



I took a few photos of the library before the spectral attendants were added:



The attendants were painted separately, and then glued in place. Again– No room for pins or magnets, so I carefully marked and scored grooves on the scenery where they would attach, and filed away the paint to ensure a secure bond.

Hobby Tip: If you need to attach two pieces that were already sprayed with matte varnish (Tamiya TS-80 Flat Clear is my go-to), the super glue will often leave a shiny patch around the join. To get rid of this, you can spray a small pool of the matte varnish on a piece of card, and then quickly use a brush to apply it over the shiny spot. It will dry matte and match the rest of the piece. (This is assuming you don't already have a "brush-on" version of the matte varnish. I also don't simply spray the whole thing after gluing, because the matte varnish can kill the shine of the metallic parts.)



I really like the idea of using this bit as an arcane terrain feature– If a wizard is on the scenery, the model gains +1 to casting, unbinding, and dispelling rolls.



This segues into the other model– Omentet's original form. In previous posts, I had spoken about how I wasn't sure what to do with the candles on the Scriptor Mortis' back. I decided to use them to tie the two models together so I could have a "past" and "future" version of Omentet. The World-That-Was version of the character would carry around a candelabra staff, and the Age of Sigmar version would have a similar candelabra on his back. I swapped the candle flames on the Scriptor for the same flames from the staff. 


For the model, I used Octren Glimscry from Warhammer Quest: Cursed City. He was laden with books and scrolls, and was similarly hunched over. In addition to the Chainrasp Horde candelabra, I used the face from the plastic Necromancer, a scarab icon from an old metal Blood Bowl upgrade pack, and the belt with keys from the Wight King on foot, and a key from the Spirit Torment kit. I decided to establish Omentet as a Tomb Kings character, so I added bandages on his hands and face so he could serve as a Liche Priest.



Here he is, painted up. For his full backstory, check out part 3 of the Resurrection story (the previous post).



'Til next time!


  1. The ghostly attendants on the library base look like they're so happy to help out! :D

  2. Oooofff. So much to love here! I adore that the library is a standalone scenic as well as a base.

    The necromancer / past-Omentet has real Mumm-Ra vibes, which is awesome.

    But wow - the pages of future-Omentet's big book really top it all. Just beautiful.


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