Monday, June 13, 2022

More Work on the Black Coach

In this post, I get back to work on the Black Coach, attaching the relic bearers and preparing for their "equipment swap." 


I've previously established the lore for Korak the Grim's Congregation of the Crimson Shroud in the Age of Sigmar– Korak is scouring the Mortal Realms for the soul of his master Nieman Kimmel. To that end, he has constructed a Black Coach, with a simulacrum that will serve as a vessel for Kimmel's soul, once it it found. The relic bearers are being equipped with recreations of Kimmel's artefacts of power: The skull staff, cursed book, and his stately mitre hat.

I cut off all of their arms in preparation for the swap, and set about attaching them to the coach. At first, I considered just having them permanently affixed, but decided to pin them so they could be easily painted separately, and then removed. (for example, if I ever fielded a resurrected Nieman Kimmel and the coach at the same time, it wouldn't look right to have him holding his artifacts AND have them floating around on the coach, would it?)

I used two pins on each relic bearer. There's not enough room for a magnet, and the two pins will create a secure attachment that won't spin or wiggle. I started by drilling through the underside of the bit of wood and into their sleeves.



Then I sliced off that piece of wood. 



Once the wood was glued to the coach, I drilled the holes deeper into the frame, and glued two paperclip pins into the model's sleeve. Doing it this way ensures that the holes line up without having to do any guesswork or position marking.



The relic bearer fits in place perfectly! Now it's just a matter of adding a little putty to conceal the seam where the wood was attached.



I used the same process for the guy on top. The holes in the coach won't be as obvious once I add some cuts and chips; they'll (theoretically) just appear to be another knot or hole in the rotten wood frame.



The third relic bearer was more problematic. His attachment point was too thin to put any pins through it. So I thickened it up with a bit of cloak cut from the left over piece of a mounted Knight of Shrouds.



With a little trimming, the piece fit in place, and I was able to add the pins.



To smooth it out, I added some Aves putty and sculpted an ethereal trail.



That's the hard part out of the way. All the relic bearers fit in place, now I need to figure out how to craft the new artifacts...



'Til next time!


  1. that solution for the third one is great! looks like a sculpted part of the figure, and yet does the job needed.

    1. Yeah, it worked out okay! and I'm happy with it :)


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