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Thursday, June 2, 2022

Luthor Vogstihl, Vampire Lord

With a flurry of bats and blades, Luthor Vogstihl descends upon the battlefield!




One of my longest-running conversions has finally reached its conclusion. You can see his assembly in these previous posts:

Cloaked in a Cloud of Bats

A Flurry of Blades and Bats 



My formula for painting the red armor is Army Painter Crusted Sore for the base, shaded with a little brown ink added to the mix. Then I highlight the edges by mixing Crusted Sore and Formula P3 Midlund Flesh, and taking it to straight Midlund Flesh at the points. Then I apply a thin glaze of Army Painter Pure Red with a touch of Crusted Sore over the flesh to keep things from becoming too pink.



Here's a 360-degrees look at him:


Luthor Vogstihl


Seth von Koss and Luthor Vogstihl both served in the Empire's knightly Order of the Blood Dragon. Luthor was the standard bearer for one of the infantry regiments under Seth's command, and was one of his fiercest warriors. When the vampire Walach von Harkon seized control of Blood Keep, the pair succumbed to his immortal curse. After their Order was finally overthrown by the Church of Sigmar, the two who had fought side by side for countless years, became separated.

Driven out and hunted, Luthor went into hiding. Speed, stealth, and subterfuge became his trade, and the vampire made his way as an assassin for hire. It was rumored that the
Red Shadow, as some called him, could enter the highest, most impenetrable tower and escape unseen. The carnage he left behind, however, could not be easily overlooked. His methodology was perfect for when the murder needed to convey a particular message.

Luthor Vogstihl was on such an assignment when he came face to face with Seth von Koss. Seth immediately recognized the presence of the intruder, and parried Luthor's initial strike. The two fought to a standstill before each recognized his old friend. Impressed with how much Luthor's fighting prowess had grown, Seth offered him a position in the
Legion of the Infernal Skull. It was the first time Luthor had ever failed or abandoned an assignment, and although he was honor-bound to protect the identity of his client, he accepted the opportunity to leave the shadows and live as a proud warrior once again.



'Til next time!


  1. Wow, he looks great, and that overhead shot really showcases the added bats well.

  2. Impressive sculpting skills on armor and great use of Cursed City bats.

  3. Luthor the Red Shadow turned out proper badass!


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