Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Making a Statue Out of Spare Parts

Kicking off the new year with a little scenic piece that I made using the leftover parts from the Vengorian Lord:


After finishing the conversion of the Vengorian Lord without the vampire-centaur top, I was left with half a figure's worth of parts, so I decided to turn them into a statue.



I used the components for the lord, following the premise that this statue could be a representation of Mordrak before he made the transformation into his monstrous form. 


I also used one of the wall posts from the Skull Forge Scenics graveyard walls set, and pieces of 1mm styrene card, and 1.5mm styrene card.


To turn the vampire torso into a sort of "bust" statue, I filled the cavity with Aves Apoxie Sculpt and inserted a wooden dowel that I had tapered in the middle. I smoothed the putty around the dowel to form a stone pedestal, and set it aside to cure.


I cut up the 1.5mm styrene card into small flagstones, and distressed the edges to create a variety of sizes.


I used a sharp sculpting tool to scratch some cracks into the model, and cut some chips with my knife. I carved up the putty to crate an unfinished, stony texture. Then, I made a base and cut the dowel.


The base and pillar were pinned together with a paperclip.


The pin was then inserted into a hole drilled on top of the post. I also smoothed over and filled in some imperfections with green stuff putty.


I attached the flagstones I had cut earlier onto the base with super glue, and added some fine ballast to fill in the gaps between them.


I also used some of the spare stones to make another objective with a tombstone that I cut from the back of a Cursed City zombie.


Once the stones were in place, I trimmed the edges and scraped the sides to create a seamless transition between the top and bottom layers of styrene. Where the bottom layer remained exposed, I beveled the edge as thin as I could.


Those beveled spaces were filled with ballast, and the statue's base was glued on top of it all.


I used pieces of a Woodland Scenics tree armature to create some creepy branches growing around the base.


Then it was just a matter of painting it and adding some grass tufts. Since it was mostly just stone, I was able to knock out the painting in an afternoon.


The extra tombstone will go with the other three I had made for Cursed City, and I'll use these as my gravesite markers. They're characterful, and small enough not get in the way during the game.


'Til next time!


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