Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Boneripper!

This week I finished the Boneripper, Thanquol's trusty mount:



The Boneripper was the first item in my Skaven queue, and now that he's finished, I'll be able to field him as the second Hell Pit Abomination in my Moulder-themed army. Boneripper was so much more fun to build and paint than the actual Abomination model. Not too much skin, and lots of detail on the back and gauntlets. I went with the warpstone braziers for fielding him as an Abomination, They can be swapped out for the warpfire throwers once I get around to finishing Thanquol.







Until then, Boneripper will be under the care of the Clan Moulder packmasters, fighting alongside their other colossal monstrosities.


'Til next time!


  1. Wonderful. A lot going on with that figure. Love the subtle effects you have done on the metal parts both bronze and iron.

  2. What an amazing paintjob! I also really like the sculpt


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