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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Road to Armageddon: My Kill Team

Work has been occupying most of my time, so it's been a while since I've blogged. But here's a quick post about the background of my Shadow War: Armageddon kill team, and the first two models that I've finished:



The Keepers of the Sacred Sword

The Battle Sisters of the Order of the Valorous Heart were deployed with the Black Templars of the Axalon Crusade on their mission to exterminate the Tyranid Xenos threat. When Magnus Romero, the Emperor's Champion fell in battle, Sister Superior Angelica Weiss commanded her squad to defend him until reinforcements arrived. The Battle Sisters fought to the last, and in an act of desperation, Angelica took up the Champion's black sword and slew the Zoenthrope that was commanding the Tyranid swarms. After the battle, Angelica stayed with Magnus during his recuperation, and the two have fought side-by-side ever since.

When a surprise attack by an unknown force destroyed their Battle Barge, Angelica barely made it to an escape craft, along with a handful of her fellow Sororitas. The barge ripped apart, flinging Marines, Sisters, and equipment into the void. As their tiny craft tumbled through the debris, Magnus grabbed hold of the ship, stabbing his sword into the hull and hanging on as they plummeted toward the planet below.

After the crash, Angelica gathered her surviving Battle Sisters, but Magnus was nowhere to be found. Only the Champion's black sword remained, wedged in the hull. The Emperor's Will had somehow guided them together in the cataclysm above, and through His Divine Prescience, somehow she
knew Magnus was alive. Angelica drew the sword from the hull as the remnants of the Battle Barge continued to fall out of orbit. Fire rained from the sky for miles in every direction.

Cut off from both the Valorous Heart Commandery, and the Axalon Crusade, the Sister Superior has vowed to be the keeper of the sacred black sword until they can reunite with the other survivors, locate Magnus Romero, and return the sword to its rightful owner.








'Til next time!


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