Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Road to Armageddon: Assembling the Team

My Sisters of Battle are gearing up for the Shadow War: Armageddon campaign. I have a limited supply of parts and models to pull from; I don't want to scour eBay for odd models or buy entire units from GW. If they release new Adepta Sororitas kits, fine, but for now I'll have to settle for kit-bashing my kill team.

Angelica Weiss, Sister Superior

This model was almost ready to go. I had built her as a custom special character for my Black Templars. She would accompany the Emperor's Champion, and could weild the black sword if he ever fell in combat (hence the black sword in her hand). I'll work that into the kill team's backstory– more on that in a future post. Her starting equipment is a combat blade and a storm bolter with a red-dot laser sight.





The model was already customized with a boltgun. I removed that and took the opportunity to pin the weapon into her hand. I'm going to do that for each model, so their weapons can be upgraded or swapped without having to break the models. The magazine was trimmed down to fit in front of her leg, and the red dot sight was taken from a Scout pistol.

My sisters are from the Valorous Heart, the symbol of which is a templar cross with a heart in the center. I used the metal backpacks from the classic Emperor's Champion because they already had the cross on them, and they were a little slimmer than the standard marine pack. They were still a little large for the ladies, so I trimmed off pieces (shown in red in the photo). I reattached the vents and sculpted hearts on the crosses.




Valaria Lang, Battle Sister

Valaria is as stock as the team gets– A metal sister with a boltgun, and it even has a laser sight on it. I gave her a backpack and a purity seal, and she was ready to go.



The other Battle Sisters models I have are being converted from Seraphim. I reattached and puttied their feet in a standing pose, and trimmed their arms so I can reequip them.



I've got two heavy weapon Sisters to fill the roll as Gunner Specialists. I don't have their weapons, however, so I need to convert them out of attack bike weapons.


Dominica Arden, Gunner Specialist

Dominica is packing a multi-melta. She's probably the most ambitious conversion in the group (so far). One of the problems I'm running into is finding hands for the models. The space marine hands that come on all the weapons are much too big for the ladies, so I'm having to get creative. I used a Skaven Warlord's arms for Dominica's gauntlets, and sculpted fleur de lis on them.




The multi-melta was missing some detail (you know, little things like handles and half the detail on the left side). Some putty and styrene bits did the job of "teching-up" the blank spots. I pinned the left hand in and used a chit cut from styrene hex-rod as the butt of the handle.



The gun pops off in case I ever want to trade it out for a heavy bolter, but I need another arm first. And I'll likely use the heavy bolter on the other gunner specialist when I add her to the team.


That's it for now. I'll talk about the other models and some painting in future posts.

'Til next time!


  1. They look brill. Can't wait to see them finished and in action.

  2. Crikey, great conversions. Looking forwards to seeing the final results.

  3. Hey really great conversions, and those skaven warlord arms are a perfect fit.

  4. Lovely work. very inspirational.

  5. Some outstanding conversions! I look forward to see them in their painted glory.

  6. Great conversions - not the easiest models to change, either!

  7. Very nice work! Can't wait to see the finished items.


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