Monday, September 17, 2012

Space Marine Bikes

I got my 40K Dark Vengeance starter set earlier this month. I'm still reading over the rules, learning all of the changes from the previous editions. I played a lot of 3rd edition, a few games of 4th, and completely skipped over 5th edition, so this is a pretty significant change for me.

As for the models in the set, I traded away the Chaos miniatures for double space marines. The plan is to remove all of the Dark Angels iconography and replace it with Black Templars iconography. That leaves me with six Space Marine bikes to convert over.

This inspired me to take some photos of my current bike squads. The riders are converted with the metal Templars shoulder pad, and the smaller backpack from the special edition Emperor's Champion. These were build before the advent of the oval "bike base" so I modeled them popping wheelies and skidding through turns, which adds a lot of action to the models.

The windscreens on the bikes are modeled from plastic Empire shields. A windscreen is kind of unnecessary when the rider is wearing power armor, but it looks cool and adds a little more protection for the rider.

I also have a couple of attack bikes primed and ready to go. Once I get through the new rules and see what the new codex has in store, I'll get back to working on my Space Marines, and finish these off.

In the meantime, I've got a move coming up. The studio is in a state of disrepair as I pack everything. Once I get set up again, I'll need to take stock of my projects and re-prioritize everything.

'Til next time!

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