Sunday, September 23, 2012

Iron Kingdoms RPG Conversions

One of the projects I've been working on these past months is a series of articles for No Quarter Magazine featuring Iron Kingdoms RPG character archetype conversions. The first article is out this week in No Quarter #44, and features combinations of the Gun Mage character class. 

Now that the magazine is on the shelves, I can finally show off the miniatures. For the step-by-step assembly tutorials, check out No Quarter Magazine, issue 44.

Human Gun Mage/ Rifleman

This guy is armed with a magelock rifle, and wearing an armored great coat. The armor plates were sculpted around the base of the coat, and the figure was created with pretty basic head and weapon swaps.

Parts List:

Widowmaker Trooper #2

Kara Sloan Gun 

Gun Mage Captain Adept Left Hand

Hammerfall Highshield Gun Corps Head #2

Iosian Gun Mage/ Duelist

She's probably the most complex of the conversions. The holsters and shoulder cape are sculpted with modeling putty. The magelock pistols she's equipped with came from Epic Caine, cut at the elbow, and the upper arms are sculpted over a wire armature.

Parts List:

Mage Hunter Assassin Alternate Body

Mage Hunter Assassin Alternate Leg

Epic Caine's Left Arm

Epic Caine's Right Arm

Venators Sword

Rhulic Gunslinger/ Bounty Hunter

Very minimal sculpting on this one. The original head had a welder's mask that needed to be removed, and the goggles and hair were added instead.

Parts List:

Hammerfall Highshield Gun Corps Body #2

Hammerfall High Shield Gun Corps Right Arm #3

Thor Steinhammer Head 

Drake MacBain Gun Arm

Drake MacBain Sword Arm

Greylord Ternion Koldun Axe

Horgenhold Forge Guard Backpack

I'll have another batch of these when the next issue comes out.

'Til next time!


  1. These look great. I like the WIP shots in No Quarter, it showed how some of the greenstuff work can be quite easy. I really like the armour on the greatcoat. I hadn't considered how to do it and you made it look easy!

  2. I haven't picked up my copy of NQ yet so hadn't seen these until now.......love 'em. I have to say my favorite is the rifleman. When you say you have another batch coming please tell me one of them is a trollkin of some sort! Keep up the great work.

  3. A Trollkin conversion would be nice to see. I guess they might be harder to convert as they are rather bulky and festooned with detail.

  4. Thanks guys! The idea is to keep the conversions simple and easy to replicate. The mechanical pencil trick is the quickest way to make the rivets on the greatcoat armor plates, but you could also add them the "old fashioned way" by cutting chads of styrene rod and meticulously gluing them in place.


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