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Converting Tomb Prince Selketta (Old World Edition)

Selketta the Sand Scorpion returns to his homeland, garbed in the appropriate raiment:


In 2014, during the End Times, the Vampire Counts and Tomb Kings armies could be part of a combined force called Undead Legions. I converted a model for Tomb Prince Selketta, and decked him out with some "traveling clothes" –a fur cloak, spike helmet, and a sword with a bat wing motif. I also gave him a more gothic-themed base so he would match the aesthetic of my Vampire Counts army.

You can see how I built that model in this post: Converting Tomb Prince Selketta

I also started converting a "Tomb Kings" version of the character, which I would have fielded with my Tomb Kings army... eventually. Well, the time has come to finish the model.

The base model is a Tomb Herald with its cape extended with modeling putty and a newly sculpted collar. The skulls on his shoulders were cut from a banner icon, and cover the transition from the collar to the cloak. The head is a metal head from the Blood Bowl Khemri team with sculpted bits and the bottom of a plastic chariot skeleton. It was already finished except for the beard, which I sculpted over a thin piece of wire.



To match the pointing pose of the other Selketta model, I used the Tomb Herald forearm, and the hand from a Cursed City hanged skeleton. The parts were pinned together with a piece of paperclip to form the armature, and I sculpted bandages over top.



To attach the metal tab onto the un-slotted base, I used the old 20mm slotta base as a template to mark the position of the slot...



...and then cut it out of the 25mm base.



I glued a thick piece of card under the base to maintain its structural integrity and add more material for the figure's metal tab to adhere to.



The base was then decorated with fine ballast, Skull Forge Scenics skulls, and a scorpion from the Khemrian Warsphinx. The scorpion's claws overlapped each other, so I cut them apart and resculpted some of the detail.



For Selketta's primary weapon, I used a Tomb king halberd. I cut off the cobra head, and I sculpted a scorpion stinger on the blade. The arm was carefully clipped away to maintain the integrity of the weapon shaft, and I cut apart the Tomb Herald's sword arm and pinned it back together so I could pose it and get the arm and halberd to sit at the correct angle.



Once I was happy with the pose, I glued the parts in place and sculpted wrappings to conceal the gaps.



The final model has a prominent scorpion motif, including the handle of his sword (which I'll talk about more in an upcoming post).



'Til next time!

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