Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Flying Vampires and Flying Marines

My vampire queen's assembly is finished, and I made more progress on the Primaris Inceptors:


In the previous post, I had gotten the vampire queen's torso, arm, and skirt settled. Now for the rest of her!



For the weapon arm, I chopped up Anasta Malkorion's arm, a Guardian of Souls lantern arm, and a sword arm from the Blood Knight kit.



I assembled the components as you see here, and I used the trick of drilling a large hole in the upper arm and inserting the skinny lower arm into it rather than rely on a glue bond or a pin. (I did have to whittle the arm down a bit to fit it into the hole, however.)



At this point, I also attached the bits of Anasta's armor around her waist and collar. It was easier to do it without the arm in the way, and I wanted to make sure the sword didn't bump into the armor. 



I touched up the arm with some sculpting, and glued it in place.



The final step was her head. I decided to make this model a vampiric representation of Olivia the banshee queen. I still had a spare head from the Coven Throne– the one with the really tall hair. The lower tier of hair resembled the shape of Olivia's hair, so it was perfect to recreate her visage.



I trimmed away the top of the hair and the hanging strands...



...and sculpted ears and hair detail on the sides and top. I made the ribbon on top of her head with modeling putty and a tiny skull from one of the chains in the Zombie Dragon kit.



Once everything had cured, I attached the head and smoothed over the neck join with more putty.



I was happy to see that she fits on a 40mm base, so I won't need to count her as anything other than a regular Vampire Lord. I used a little putty so that I could mount her at a bit of an angle so she's "standing" upright instead of having a slight forward pitch. When I detail her base, I'll probably add a tombstone that connects to her dress to keep her from being too "springy."



I also finished assembling my Primaris Inceptors. I'm basing them with my 40mm Skull Forge Scenics industrial bases. My solution for elevating them without using the clear plastic flight stands was to build some new pipes and things to mount their feet on. I used various styrene rods and tubes, softened with a heat gun and bent into shape, to build the mounts. There is also a Necromunda control panel for the sergeant's base, and some thick floral wire for the thinner pipes and cables.



Next, I moved on to priming and spraying the parts. I kept the arms and jet packs separate to make sure I can get at all the inner detail. (By the way, that marine torso isn't primed black, that's still just the grey plastic.) 



I already have the yellow washed, and I'm currently in the process of black lining and highlighting it. If you missed my tutorial for painting yellow, I'd recommend checking out my post "Painting Tutorial: Imperial Fists."



'Til next time!


  1. That floating vamp is great! She really seems like she is just floating along.

    Very good work on the pipework for the inceptor bases.

    1. Thank you! I'm really happy with how she turned out.

  2. Fantastic idea for a vampire and executed so seamlessly, she looks absolutely stunning!.

  3. That vampire is amazing! I’m really impressed how you go the extra mile and re sculpt the hair to perfectly fit your vision for her when the original head would have worked.


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