Sunday, January 30, 2022

The Completed Marines and a Basing Tutorial

My first two squads of Imperial Fists are finally finished. Here's a look at them and how I finished their bases:

The strike force is led by the Librarian from the Space Hulk board game. When I painted this model, I was layering the yellow by hand, and it took forever. I still use the same techniques for black lining and edge highlighting, but the spray-and-wash method for the base yellow is so much faster. You can see how I converted him into an Imperial Fist here.


First Squad (Intercessors):



Second Squad (Hellblasters):



These guys were fun to paint. I had finished the heads, backpacks, and arms when I painted the Intercessors, so it was just a matter of knocking out the bodies and then basing all ten models.



I based the marines on my Skull Forge Scenics resin industrial bases, and filmed a tutorial for painting the rusty metal and caution stripes. You can see that on my YouTube Channel:


I'm so happy to have these finished; they've literally been in my painting queue since 2018! The hassle of waiting for Imperial Fist shoulder pads, and painting those fiddly icons was really starting to get to me. I thought these might be the last time I painted yellow Space Marines, but the second squad went much faster (probably because I didn't have to keep stopping to take pictures after every step), and I'm so happy with how they turned out that I'll definitely be adding to this army.

'Til next time!

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