Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Primus Invidicus, Redemptor Dreadnought

Magnus isn't the only model to cross the Rubicon Primaris. The dreadnought Primus Invidicus has also been upgraded to a Redemptor.


Earlier this year, I made a series of posts about how I converted the Primaris Redemptor Dreadnought kit to resemble the old boxy Mark V armor. I was originally planning to paint that as an Imperial Fists dreadnought, but decided to to make a new version of my original dreadnought to accompany Magnus Romero.


Here's the video rotation from my YouTube channel:



You can see the original build for the Dreadnought's chest and shoulder armor here. I made some oversized purity seals with styrene card and putty (same as I did for the Inquisitor-scale Emperor's Champion). The large cross on his chest was carefully cut off of a Black Templars Rhino hull, and the smaller ones on the arm and legs were sculpted out of modeling putty with skulls slices off of a marine shoulder pad and glued in place. I painted the whole thing in parts and then glued everything together.



One nice detail about the kit is that it gives you two "elbow" mounts for the main weapon, so you can build them both and swap them out. The square peg slots into the upper arm, but that doesn't provide a very secure fit, so I added a pin in each weapon mount for extra stability.



I did the same with the power fist weapons.



I was amazed by the sheer size of the new dreadnought. I knew he was bigger, but once I had him assembled and compared it to the older version, he's nearly twice as tall! 



I tried to replicate all the detail from the original dreadnought– I sculpted the "Primus" ribbon on the shoulder, and added the three seals hanging from his waist. I had to swap the position of the large seal on his chest because I couldn't fit the cross on the left side. If I had known this would be the plan from the beginning, I probably would have resculpted the detail on the sarcophagus to match the original. 



One thing I overlooked was the back banner (a metal bit taken from the classic Blood Angels command squad. Maybe I'll drill a hole in the new model so it can peg into place. For now, I'll just assume it hasn't yet been recovered from the battle barge wreckage.



'Til next time!


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