Friday, May 7, 2021

Painted Objectives and Scenery

This week, I made some progress on the Cursed City objectives, and on my Tombs of Tithing scenery:


All of these objectives were pretty quick to paint– I knocked out the stone, dirt, and wood on all of them, and then went back and painted details like the skeletons, ropes, and key critters.



On the gravestones, I covered the roses with foliage leaves, similar to what I do on the Sigmarite Mausoleum scenery. Still not a fan of sculpted vegetation.



I added plenty of static grass and tufts to the flagstone bases.



I'm holding off on the hanged zombie because I'm not sure how I'll paint the rest of them. Once I settle on the clothing color, I'll go back and finish her.



Next in line are the swarms of bats and rats, and the two zombie kitties. My plan is to paint the rat components separately so I can reach all the areas in between. I'll probably base the models to match my army, but I have serious doubts that the Corpse Rats and Bat Swarms will be in the list, or even playable in Age of Sigmar. The rats and bats don't even have accompanying warscrolls in the Cursed City box, and the bats come with 25mm bases, which is a significant departure from the classic bat swarms from Vampire Counts and Legions of Nagash.

The large Soulblight Gravelords army shot that GW showed during their preview was absent a number of units (specifically bat swarms), but that's not necessarily an indicator of those units being removed from the game. GW just doesn't show off older models in the newer battletomes. For example, the Legions of Nagash battletome doesn't have a single photograph of a classic zombie model, and the old Black Coach is buried so far in the background that it took me two passes through the book to find it. We haven't seen the old Grave Guard models alongside the new skeletons and heroes, but rumor has it that Grave Guard are still in the Soulblight army. My money is on bat swarms and the Legion Black Coach being gone, though. Same for the option of mounted or winged vampire lords. 



Which will be a shame if it happens, because I really dig these bat swarms:



I made a few cosmetic changes, however, like removing the shoulder spikes on the Direbat and adding them to his feet to give him talons like the other bats instead of just a single hook for a foot.



I also removed the curled hooks from the wingtips on these bats. These were the only bats to have that glaring departure from what is otherwise mostly-normal bat anatomy.



On the scenery front, got a little work done on my large tomb– just the top, though. I panted the ground and bones. I still need to paint the metal fencing and add grass and foliage.



I also painted the loose entombed skeleton from the crypt interior. Once these components are finished, all of the loose bits will be complete, and I'll just need to tackle the large structure.



'Til next time!


  1. The tomb is turning out really nicely! That loose skeleton is a real eye-candy :D

    1. Thanks man! I've been steadily chipping away at it. By now I have the bones on the steps basecoated and about half of the dirt bits picked out. It's slow going... :)

  2. Take your time whit it, no need to rush. :) I'm really looking forward to seeing more. Cheers man!🍻


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