Friday, November 27, 2020

Grimghast Reapers and Armies on Parade

After nearly a year on my painting shelf, and slowly working on them here and there, my Grimghast Reapers are finally ready for the battlefield. Although I won't be playing at the shop any time soon, I can at least include them in my Armies on Parade display!



Of all Korak the Grim's jailers, Vorlocke is the most feared. Within his shacklegheist prison are the souls of brutal murderers and oath-breaking criminals, trapped forever in tortured servitude. Tales of Vorlocke the Tormenter circulate the criminal underworld, rumors of a faceless spirit who dwells by the gallows, ready to claim the souls of executed men and condemn them to eternal torment.

Upon Korak's order, Vorlocke unleashed the Penitent Scythes, a regiment assembled from the souls of the most savage killers who in life had reveled in their bloodshed, now blinded so that they may never again look upon their handiwork. Guided by the sound of their Extoller's death knell, its fell tone directs them to where –they hope– they will again feel their blades tearing through flesh. They fight with a passionate fury knowing that, should they fail, they will return to their tortured existence in Vorlocke's prison.




The Crimson Reapers are Korak's personal retinue, wearing red shrouds to match their general's crimson hood. I wanted the Penitent Scythes to match the color scheme without being too red, so I painted them with just a bit of red trim around their hoods.

For how simple these models are (basically black with spirit bottoms, and a plain scythe), these took a long time to paint. The hollow construction meant that I had to give attention to the inside of the model's robes, particularly at the bottom where the color blending was. But once I got through the grind of blending all their their spirit trails, finishing up their hands, weapons, and faces was a breeze.



This is my first year entering the Armies on Parade competition. Every year I procrastinate until there's no time to assemble a suitable display board. This year was no different, but I was able to build a base and use some of my existing scenery to build a display. I wanted to include more mausoleums, but the army took up so much space, I had to limit it to just a few elements in the background. 



This is also a milestone for the Congregation of the Crimson Shroud– As a stand-alone Nighthaunt force, it's just over 2000 points (the army on the board is exactly 2000 points, including the two endless spells). I've also finished the bulk of my troops backlog. I only have a handful of Glaivewraith Stalkers to paint, and then it's mainly centerpieces like the Black Coach and Kurdoss, and duplicates of characters like the Spirit Torment and Guardian of Souls. I imagine I'll add more Reapers and Bladegheist Revenants at some point, but for now, I can just revel in the sight of it all.



'Til next time!


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