Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Building a Better Barricade

This week, I finished up the assembly of some of the Flesh-eater Courts endless spells. I built the Cadaverous Baricade and the Chalice of Ushoran. I'm holding off on the Corpsemare Stampede because I'm not sure if I'll build it as the spell, or use it for a conversion.


I had mentioned in a previous post that I was planning to add more zombies to the barricade, and save the fence posts to use in some scenery. Here's a look at how it all came together.


Without the fence sections, the two halves of the barricade's base don't have a very secure attachment. I added some Aves modeling putty underneath to better secure the pieces.


As with my Prismatic Palisade, I got rid of the base lip by shaving down the edges with a hobby knife. This will allow me to add basing all the way to the bottom so the piece will better blend in with the scenery on the table.


Once the sides were finished, I used some Green Stuff putty to patch up the join between the two halves. I sculpted over the holes and gaps where the fence posts used to be, and added some detail to the zombies.


For the extra zombies, I used pieces from the Corpse Cart kit. The zombies pulling the cart, and some bits from the corpse pile gave me about eight torsos that I could use to fill out the barricade. I only used pieces from the actual zombie kit very sparingly because they have a very different aesthetic and oversized hands that wouldn't match the zombies in the barricade.


To fill out the missing heads and arms, I used classic zombie heads and arms from the plastic Crypt Ghoul kit. It was just a matter of seeing where the pieces fit and looked like they were lunging out of the ground.


Now that's what I imagine appearing when a wizard summons a Cadaverous Barricade– Not a random section of fence that springs up out of nowhere, but a wall of zombies clawing their way out of the earth, grasping for anyone within reach!


Once all of the zombies were in place, I added some sand and ballast to enhance the ground texture.


The Chalice of Ushoran didn't require any fancy treatment– Just a few tombstones and skulls on the base. I'll try to get these painted quickly, and not get bogged down blending zombie flesh for hours...


Another project I dug out of the bottom of my scenery box is the set of Necromunda barricades. I had started assembling them into larger pieces, and I think I'll finish knocking these out and use them as an opportunity to make a tutorial for painting rusted metal.


'Til next time!


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