Tuesday, August 11, 2020

New From Skull Forge Scenics: Trash Bins

A quick post to announce some new scenery in my Skull Forge Scenics store: www.skullforgescenics.etsy.com

A set of 10 resin trash bins, perfect scatter terrain for modern-era tabletop gaming like Marvel Crisis Protocol, or even sci-fi games like Infinity and 40K. 


The set includes 6 solid trash bins, 2 with removable lids and sculpted trash inside, and 2 spilled cans.



These are based on the resin pieces I had made to go with the Crisis Protocol subway board a while back.



Like all of my Skull Forge Scenics pieces, these were hand-sculpted using styrene card and modeling putty.



I used some resin master copies to hollow out and make the opened-top and spilled bins.


The trash was sculpted with a mix of brown stuff and green stuff epoxy putty so I could get nice, sharp details. I wanted to include lots of identifiable pieces of trash like food containers, cups, cans, and of course, the obligatory banana peel!



Check them out in my online store: www.skullforgescenics.etsy.com

'Til next time!


  1. Hi Rob, there is a problem with the link of the photos: it open a blogger windows. Bye

    1. Thanks for the head up! It's fixed now (hopefully).


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