Thursday, February 20, 2020

Spirit Hosts, The Phantom Lamenters

Just a quick post this week to take a look at the horde of Spirit Hosts that I've recently finished:

These six spirits have been in my painting queue since 2017, so it's a relief to finally finish them and add them to my army. One of my tricks to prevent me from playing with unpainted models is to mount them on painting sticks or wooden painting handles so they can't be put on the battlefield until they are finished and come off the stick.


I have documented my recipe for painting my ethereal models in this tutorial: 

Painting Ethereals (link)



I still refer to it when painting my Nighthaunt models, and used it to match the color for these Spirit Hosts.


The models' bases were finished off with tombstones from my Skull Forge Scenics range of resin scenery:


These spirits can join my others to be fielded as two 6-man units or one large 12-man unit. Although, I'm not sure about the effectiveness of a unit that large; I might have trouble piling all of them into melee range and keeping it wholly within 12" of a hero so they can benefit from from the protection of the Deathless Spirits battle trait. I played a small game the other day, and found that I can't spread out units as far as I normally would. My Chainrasp Hordes, for example, were almost never in range to benefit from Deathless Spirits. I'm tempted to try the Legion of Grief allegiance rules– I really like the more forgiving 6-inch range for the "Deathless" protection roll and the gravesites for returning slain models, but the Nighthaunt allegiance abilities allow for more mobility on the battlefield. Either way, it's a nice change of pace and strategy from my standard Legions of Nagash army.

The Phantom Lamenters


In the Congregation of the Crimson Shroud, the backbone of the army is formed by spirits and wraiths that are directly shackled to the will of Korak the Grim. But as the army proceeds on its bloody campaign, other souls are drawn into the fold –harvested from the inhabitants of the realm, or collected from enemies slain in battle. Their tortured souls bound into subjugation by Korak's cruel taskmasters, these Phantom Lamenters are pressed into battle where their only solace comes from finding others to share in their agony.


'Til next time!


  1. I always enjoy the pictorial build up to the unit photo at the end. Well done as always.


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