Monday, August 12, 2019

Endless Spells

One of my hobby goals for 2019 is to finish all of the endless spells in the Malign Sorcery set. Over the past couple weeks, I was able to knock out a bunch of them.


I prefer to put all of my non-army models on flat bases. Things like wound counters, ability tokens, and spells, and this includes the endless spells. I cut thick card and sanded it to match the shapes of the bases.



All of the bases were modeled to match my Death armies– decorated with tombstones, skulls, and skeletons. The Aethervoid Pendulum is cleaving through a skeleton and tombstone.


The Suffocating Gravetide had Sigmarite imagery that I wanted to remove.


I covered up the plates with pieces from Skull Forge Scenics roadside shrines.


I added a few more tombstones and skulls, and applied some ballast to add more texture. I didn't want to lose the depth and ridges on the surface, so I used the ballast sparingly.



The Purple Sun of Shyish went together with no problems. Never underestimate the value of properly cleaning the mold lines and clipping the tabs! It still had visible seams that need to be puttied, but everything fit properly without any gaps.


I changed the angle of the bottom spikes so they were properly radiating out from the center, and replaced the attachment point with a large spike made from thick styrene rod.


The base was modeled to appear as though the Purple Sun was scouring its way across the ground, tipping over tombstones and unearthing buried bones.



When priming the models, I used a dark grey primer, and then a white spray from the top to apply some zenith highlighting.


For the models with ethereal tendrils, I sprayed the ethereal parts with white so I could paint them with a series of washes. On the Chronomantic Cogs, I added a few extra gears topped with skeleton shield icons.


Everything was painted in parts so I could get at all the inner details.




Here's a look at the finished spells:

Purple Sun of Shyish






Chronomantic Cogs



Aethervoid Pendulum





Suffocating Gravetide





Geminids of Uhl-Gyish


I also painted the Geminids, themed to match my Skaven army. The Prismatic Palisades are nearly finished. I'm trying to paint them like dark shadeglass, but so far it's not really turning out how I envisioned it.


'Til next time!


  1. Lovely work here. Making me look forward to getting to the Endless Spells!

    1. Thanks! They are fun models to put together and paint. A lot of people have converted them to match the theme of their armies, which is where the creativity really shines.

  2. I like your take on the Endless spells and your purple sun is the best I've seen so far.


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