Sunday, May 19, 2019

Counting Toward DOOMSDAY, Part 4

Doomsday has arrived! This installment covers the final week of work on my two Doomsday Ark kits, finishing their cockpits and passengers, and fitting all the pieces together....

DAY 24

I knocked out the engine components. These went very quickly since they mostly involved drybrushing the dark brass color over black, and picking out the silver metal behind the engine pods.



DAYS 25 to 27

On these days, I only had a little time to paint, so I took one step each day, basecoating the silver metal on the remaining metal parts for the cockpit, and painting a brown-black wash on the driver and Necron Warrior passengers. I took a little more time on day 27 to paint the highlights and remaining details on all the Necrons.




DAY 28

With the figures out of the way, I moved on to finishing the cockpit, painting my brown ink and black wash into the recesses, then drybrushing and highlighting all the silver metal.




DAY 29

Next, I painted the dark brass metal on the driver's chair and finished off the cowling that goes around the cockpit. I also painted small details like the cable at the top and the hoses coming out of the driver's back.




DAY 30

All that remained on the cockpit was the green glowing bits. Once these were finished and I touched up a few spots here and there, all the painting was complete. I glued the engines and cowling together knocked out a pair of bases for the Arks.





And that was it, the Doomsday Arks were finished! It took a total of 30 days of work from start to finish, with about half-an-hour to an hour spent on most days, and a few longer painting sessions here and there. The two Arks are ready for the table, and the magnetized parts worked perfectly for swapping between the Doomsday Ark and Ghost Ark options.



The only problem I ran across was the fit of the Necron Warrior passengers. They have pins in their attachment points, which plug into the central column. Unfortunately, because the column is hollow, the pins move around inside, and the passengers ended up being a little loose or crooked. In retrospect, I should have filled the column with putty so the pins would have more solid material to insert into and prevent them from wiggling.



It's not an immediate concern because I plan on fielding the pair as Doomsday Arks. I'll eventually fix the passenger attachment points, but that will have to wait for another day...



'Til next time!


  1. These look sublime, fantastic technique making them multi-purpose like that.

  2. Excellent conclusion to your project!

    Also, it is interesting how the rear portion of the hull looks like it could be its own vehicle... just needs some sort of front part to be magneted on and you would be good to go with a third variant!

    1. Thanks! Yeah-- I was thinking the cockpit portion looked like a giant Tomb Blade. Maybe it could serve as a stand-in for a Catacomb Command Barge.


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