Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Wargame Hobby Bingo, 1st Quarter Update

This year I'm making my second attempt to fill out the entire bingo card. Here's how things are shaping up after the first quarter...


With 24 squares to fill in, that's two per month. I've got six so far this year, so I'm off to a decent start. I began of the year with my focus on the Necrons, and I finished off my backlog of Necron models, checking two boxes on the card–


Convert a Model

I cut up the Cryptek's staff of light to incorporate a green rod into the neck of the staff. A simple conversion, but it still counts.



Add a New Unit, and Paint it Before Using it on the Battlefield

The Destroyers tick off that box. All six were painted well before they saw any action on the tabletop.


Sculpt Something on a Model

The Dreadwardens for my Chainrasp Horde got the full treatment– I replaced their candles with scythes trailing ghostly skulls, and sculpted hoods and arms. The models have yet to be painted, but I can still check the sculpting box.



Make Something for Your Hobby That's Not for the Battlefield

This is always an easy one to get because I'm constantly adjusting the foam trays for my carrying cases to accommodate new models. For this square, I'm counting the foam tray that I made for my second Terrorgheist. I finally tracked down a Reaper bat swarm to make a "don't forget the Terrorgheist explodes into bats when it dies" counter. Once that's painted, I'll be able to check the box for making some accessories themed to match the army.



Build and Paint a Scenery Kit

The Skaven Gnawhole scenery kit takes this square. I've got a second set of Gnawholes that I plan to kitbash into some different Skaven terrain, and that will get me the box for scratch-building some scenery.



Break Out an Army You Haven't Used in Over a Year, Add at Least One New Model

My Skaven have been on hiatus since about February of last year, and they saw their first action last week. I added a new Packmaster to match the other two. He painted up quickly, and now the trio can be fielded as a 3-man Packmaster unit.



Model Counts for the Year

So far this year I've finished 19 models. I have started 57 models (the 40 Chainrasps, 10 Grimghast Reapers, and 7 spells and counters). Combined with the rest of my backlog, that's 133 models in my queue waiting to be painted.

For scenery, I've made the three Gnawholes and finished a commission for a 5' x 8' Boot Hill battlefield. I'll be talking about that project in upcoming posts.

I built a new shelf to store my scenery, and that has allowed me to clear out a portion of my display cabinet, so it's time to establish a new Shelf of Shame™ and get to work.

'Til next time!


  1. Good to see that you're making good progress, and seem to be keeping to the schedule as well!

    And thank you so much for creating this bingo card! I discovered it late last year, and started filling it this year. I'm at four squares myself, and have plenty of projects earmarked for future ones. I won't complete the whole card (no space or need for big game boards), but I'll try to score a bingo or two by the end of the year.

    1. Awesome, have fun with it! Filling in the whole card is definitely a chore. I still haven't been able to do it, but it's still a great motivator.

  2. Off to a flying start, only managed two squares so far.

    1. If they're on the same row, you're nearly halfway to a bingo!

  3. Incredible what you already got done this year. Hopefully the rest of your Bingo will go just as smooth.

    1. Thanks! I'm hoping I can fill out the whole card, but I always leave the large ones until the last minute and then run out of time...


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