Sunday, December 23, 2018

New Resin Industrial Tech Arm and my Techmarine Conversion

The new Industrial Tech Arm from Skull Forge Scenics is available, and I've used it to finish my techmarine conversion:


The techmarine was kitbashed together using the classic Blood Angels Honor Guard techmarine torso and axe, atop a pair of plastic space marine legs. I finished him off with a bolter and Black Templars shoulder pad.


To give his leg grieves an older appearance, I added some rivets cut from styrene rod. He needed a backpack to house his servo arm, so I cut away the engines from an assault marine jump pack and added the motor from a vehicle searchlight.


The arm itself was scratch-built from a number of styrene rods, tubes and strips.


I cast the component in resin, and the Industrial Tech Arm is available for sale now, in the Skull Forge Scenics web store.


I'm really happy with how it turned out, and it looks great painted up. perfect for representing a techmarine's servo arm.



My new techmarine, Daedalus Jaeger, is going to have his hands full servicing all the tanks in the Axalon Crusade's armory!





'Til next time!


  1. I like how it is both huge and somehow fitting in scale with the marine. The bitz of it look like they are figure scale so it still "works".

    1. Thanks! One thing that's getting lost on modern figures is the "heroic" scaling of items, which is important so things "read" properly from 4 feet away.

  2. Looks fantastic, perfect for 40k.


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