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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Progress at Last!

I've had a number of projects that were on hold because I was either waiting for a crucial part, or I had other things that needed to be finished first. With my banshee choir finally finished, I can move forward on those other projects...

The Terrorgheist

I've had a second terrorgheist kicking around for a few years. A few months ago, I finally decided how I wanted to model him, and came up with a plan to magnetize him on the base so I could swap him between a square base to match my Legion of the Infernal Skull army, or a round base to go with any new Age of Sigmar stuff. The only problem was that I didn't have any bases for him. I was finally able to order some 130mm round bases, but the 150mm x 100mm square monster bases aren't available on the GW site anymore.



My solution was to use some spare chariot bases to fill out the footprint, glued to a sheet of plastic card. To attach the terrorgheist, I added 3/16-inch rare earth magnets in the bottom of the wall, and pressed the wall into some putty to get an imprint. Corresponding magnets were set into the base, and now he sits in place securely, and can be transferred between a round and square.




As I write this, he's primed and ready to paint. I still need to detail the bases, though.


The Blood Knights

The blood knights are coming along. If you follow me on twitter, you'll have seen some of the progress shots for these shields. They're made from chaos warrior shields, with plastic bat wings attached. The skulls are sculpted from modeling putty. I'm getting pretty close to painting the unit– Just a little bit of sculpting left on the horses, and fitting the riders in their saddles to work out the poses. Fingers crossed that I can finish this unit before GW releases an ACTUAL plastic blood knight kit!


40K Realm of Battle Boards

My shop had a set of half-started Realm of Battle boards, and I took it upon myself to show them some love and give them a proper paint job. Now I understand why the project was abandoned– These things are a nightmare to paint. There's so much fiddly detail and intersecting elements that each need to be painted different colors, I didn't know where to start.


The process I used was to blacken and drybrush the streets with greys and Screaming Skull to catch the edge highlights and texture. The beige sidewalks were partially basecoated, so I tried to use the same colors and just add some highlights and shading. Then, I masked off the streets and sidewalks and sprayed the metal grating with metallic silver, then washed it all with a mix of brown ink and Formula P3 Bloodstone and added a few splotches of orange to give them a rusty appearance. I picked out some of the eagles and the large plates with brass and washed them with Nihilakh Oxide for some weathering.

There are so many little skulls, eagles, and bits that you could go crazy painting these boards, so I just ignored them. I painted the exposed areas of ground, and then went in and painted all of the metal strips on the street and the lights and manhole covers. These were simply basecoated with P3 Bloodstone and then drybrushed with P3 Pig Iron. I made a masking template with some cardboard so I could quickly drybrush the metal without hitting the street. 



This whole project took way longer than it needed to for what's basically an empty board that will be covered with buildings and models. I've already played a few games on these particular boards, and they're not the friendliest for rolling dice, either. The surface is so uneven you basically need a dice-rolling box to prevent half of your dice from ending up cocked in the gutter.



Still, it will be nice to have some finished 40K boards to play on at the shop. And, I can check the box on my Wargame Hobby Bingo card for making a simple battlefield. "Simple."



With that board out of the way I can finally start painting my Warscryre Citadel.

'Til next time!


  1. Well, those board may not be easy to paint, or practical for a regular 40k game, but they are super sweet! You need to make some Inq28 warbands and get to battle on them. ;)

    The Blood knight shields are coming along nicely. Did you use just the left wings from the old Quest bats?

    1. Thanks! Yes, those are the old plastic Quest bats that were available on the sprue that came with a bat, spider, snotling, and giant rat.

  2. The Sector Imperialis Realm of Battle Boards are a total pain, yeah. I wouldn't get one unless I had some way to cover the top in lucite or something so it had a flat surface.

    1. I had initially considered making grating plates to go over the gutters on the sides of the street to smooth out the surface a little, but I didn't have an easy solution for it.

  3. I would like to say for the thousand time: Love your WARGAME HOBBY BINGO chart, tnx Rob!

  4. Indeed, I always roll in the nearby AoS board ;)


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