Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Burning Head

I just returned from a trip to Japan and the Philippines. The first model finished since I got back is the Burning Head endless spell:

On my previous trip to Japan, the Warhammer shop in Tokyo was closed the day we stopped by, but this time, it was open for business and I got to go in and have look around. They had an Age of Sigmar demo board set up out on the sidewalk. It's a testament to the community that you can leave something like that outside, unattended. If this was the shop I worked at in New Jersey, half of those models would have walked off by the end of the day.



I spoke with the manager and had a look around the store. There was a game of 40K Kill Team going on upstairs, and we got a couple pictures of the models in the cabinet. The manager was really nice and the players seemed pretty inviting. It was fun to meet some hobbyists on the other side of the world!

That's a lot of knights!


Our hotel was in Akihabara, where there are a bunch of "normal" hobby shops. One of them, the Tam Tam Hobby Shop spanned two floors of a high-rise. I didn't see any gaming miniatures, but there were tons of anime models, cars, military models, Tamiya products, tools, plastic card... You name it, they probably had it. Downstairs, there was a fantastic curry restaurant, and a little custard pastry stand. If I moved to Tokyo, I would never have to leave that block. (Except to go play at the GW store!)

Back home, I returned to my painting desk and got to work finishing my second endless spell, the Burning Head. This guy fits perfectly with the theme of my army and was a lot of fun to paint.



The blood knight steeds are progressing. I got the barding glued on the horses:


It was tight fit, however, so I had to split the halves apart so the bottoms would be low enough. Some sculpting will be necessary to close the gaps, and I'll need to build the saddles, of course.


For the knights' shields, I'm planning to use some Chaos warrior shields with the icons filed away. If I can make it work, I'll use wings from the classic bats to create a winged skull icon on the shields. It will depend on how cumbersome the shield looks with the icon on it. If it's too large for the model, I'll scale things down a bit and go with a different option.


'Til next time!


  1. Great work, looking forward to seeing how the Blood Knights turn out!

  2. 1) The Burning Head looks awesome. I don't think I've seen one painted up like that, with bone on the skull and then actual flame. I also like the little detail of the stuff that it's set on fire on the base.

    2) In that picture of all the Knights, at first I thought that was an Adeptus Titanicus display, not someone Spinal Tapping it with 40K scale Knights!

    3)I'm pretty sure that those shields are going to end up looking awesome no matter how large or unwieldy they end up!

  3. Reading your blog really makes me want to start the hobby again. Maybe one of these days.

  4. That must have been a great time you had over there in Japan.

    Your burning skull looks fabulous, the vibrant colours make it look even more menacing than it already was.


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